The Porsche Macan begins to take off its disguise to show itself as the fastest in its class

The Porsche Macan begins to take off its disguise to show itself as the fastest in its class

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When it arrives, the electric version of the Porsche Macan promises to be one of the most important for the brand: it will be essential to achieve the goal set at Porsche, which wants its electric cars to represent 80% of sales by 2030. We will still have to wait to 2024 to know the new variant of the German SUV, but, for now, we have more technical details: the Porsche Macan EV promises to be the fastest in its class.

This time we are not talking in terms of speed. The Porsche Macan will be the first model of the brand that will use the PPE platform (Premium Platform Electric) as a starting point: it should be remembered that this architecture is signed by Porsche and Audi and, among its features, is an 800-volt system that provides charging power better than that of the Porsche Taycan.

A technology ‘made in’ Porsche

With an ultra-fast point, the electric Porsche Macan will recover 80% of its battery in 25 minutes. And when the charging station does not have this technology? The Integrated Power Box will come into action, a system patented by those from Stuttgart with which the 800 volt battery is divided into two 400 volts that can be recharged in parallel. With this technology, in addition, the cables take up less space, the weight is lighter… and the costs are too.

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We also know that the Porsche Macan will be equipped with a lithium ion battery whose capacity will be about 100 kWh. The brand reserves, for the moment, the figure of its autonomy, although everything indicates that it will be above 500 kilometers.

more dynamic

Porsche still reserves the data related to the mechanical configuration… although not all. The Porsche Macan will have two engines, which will provide a power of about 612 CV and a maximum torque of 1,000 Nm: Yes, the electric variant will be more performance than the combustion one. It will have an all-wheel drive system and more powerful schemes are expected to arrive in the future.

The electric Porsche Macan will undoubtedly be more dynamic because it has a weight distribution of 48:52 and technology that will help it: double wishbone front axle, steered rear axle and torque vectoring combined with an electric self-locking rear differential.

will play wait for 2024 to know ‘in situ’ all these systems and those that Porsche will be revealing. The electric variant of the Porsche Macan was planned for 2023, but different software problems forced the brand to postpone the launch by one year on its calendar.

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