The radical decisions of these Tesla car owners on Twitter: they go against the social network and the car company

Radical decisions by Tesla car owners
Radical decisions by Tesla car owners

Since the acquisition of Twitter by the CEO of TeslaElon Musk, some people have left the well-known social networking platform, and among these, part of the brand’s market share: the liberal drivers. And it is that, some Tesla owners They have made radical decisions not only regarding the social network, but also the technology company.

Liberal drivers consider selling their Tesla

According to William Shimizu, a Seattle-based software engineer, when he purchased his Tesla Model Y white last year, the 34-year-old was over the moon.

“You sit in it and you feel like you’re in the cockpit of a rocket,” Shimizu told The Post of the $55,000 car. He considered the Ford Mustang Mach-E fully electric, but the Y won.

In this regard, he enthusiastically expressed: “The Tesla looked better. He had better range, he was a more established player in the game. White on white looks so good.”

However, it no longer feels so good with the electric car. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter and started expressing conservative views on the platform, Shimizu hates being in the driver’s seat of his beloved car.

Radical decisions by Tesla car owners, William Shimizu considers selling his Model Y
Image Courtesy of NYP – Radical Decisions by Tesla Car Owners, William Shimizu Considers Selling His Model Y

“His behavior really shakes confidence,” said Shimizu, who usually votes blue, the color of the Democratic Party in USAthis considering selling Car that was once his pride. In this regard, he indicated that “for the last week or so, I have considered pulling the trigger a lot.”

Radical decisions by Tesla car owners

With Tesla, Musk revolutionized the electric car. The company sold a record 343,830 zero-emissions cars globally during the third quarter of 2022. Nonetheless, Musk and his conservative views along with their acquisition of Twitter have sparked outrage among the same demographic that made him the richest man in the world. The liberal Tesla drivers they are faced with the dilemma of selling their expensive green cars or just ignoring Musk’s actions.

In an article on Wrap, Benjamin Svetkey, an entertainment journalist put it succinctly in the headline: “Hey Hollywood! Elon Musk is turning his Tesla into a MAGA hat on wheels!”

Twitter users and celebrities like Shonda Rhimes, Mick Foley, Toni Braxton or Gigi Hadid have left the platform since Musk took office in late October, but they still haven’t been able to part with their cars. Although some are definitely considering it.

Radical decisions by Tesla car owners, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seeks to sell her Model 3
Image courtesy of NYP – Radical decisions by Tesla car owners, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez looking to sell her Model 3

“I have had my last Tesla. My next electric vehicle will be the complete opposite,” Bill Weber of La Canada Flintridge wrote in a letter to the Los Angeles Times.

“(Musk) uses his wealth to promote hate, put down people who disagree with his selfish politics and cause great harm to ethical society,” continued Weber, who once proudly owned four Teslas.

Meanwhile, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Bronx, Queens) hHe’s wanted to sell his Tesla for months. In May, he expressed that he wanted to get rid of his model 3which he acquired in 2020 to travel between his New York district and Capitol Hill.

“At the time, it was the only electric vehicle that could get me from New York to Washington on one to one and a half charges,” he told Bloomberg News after a dispute with Musk on Twitter in April where she apparently referred to him as a “billionaire with an ego problem.” She indicated that she wanted to drive an electric car made by a unionized company and said: “i would love to change”.

Large group of buyers

Kevin Paffrath, financial adviser and YouTube creator, believes that Musk is doing himself a disservice by turning down a important buyer demographic.

“When you lose that one Democrat, you’re not just losing them, you’re losing 10 more. For every one of these people who gets rid of their Tesla, that’s probably killing 10 additional sales,” said Paffrath, who owns two Teslas: one Model X 2017 model year and a Model S Plaid 2021.

Radical decisions by Tesla car owners due to Elon Musk's conservative attitude
Image courtesy of NYP – Radical decisions by Tesla car owners due to conservative attitude of Elon Musk

As for Shimizu, he may soon be driving a mach-e into the sunset and selling his ModelY for $10k more than the sticker price, due to supply issues.

“There is definitely a stinky smell attached to the [auto]”concluded Shimizu, who used to pride himself on his car with other Tesla fans whenever he could. He closed by expressing: “I no longer speak of [eso]”.


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