The reason why more than 30 cars had flat tires on a highway in California (+ Video)

More than 30 cars end up with flat tires on a highway in California
More than 30 cars end up with flat tires on a highway in California

What seemed to be an ordinary day, ended in a very particular way and not at all pleasant for the owners of more than 30 cars in a california highwaywho are they blew the tires of their vehicles due to the presence of debris in it. All at the same time.

According to information shared by Eyewitness News, stopped vehicles were seen along the 405 Freeway near Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles, USA. All of them had flat tires, with at least 36 vehicles on the side of the road apparently pulling out their spares (or tire repair kit). Fortunately, no injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

More than 30 cars had flat tires on a California highway: here’s why

According to the California Highway Patrol, the accidents occurred because “a box of nails or some blocks of wood could have fallen off a truck.” Officials believe it did not appear to be intentional. However, several people in the comments section of the video they thought the opposite.

Supposedly, a comment from a former tire technician recalled a time when his supervisor told him to grab some nails and throw them out the window. Later, he warned people of the existence of corrupt businesses.

Another comment alleged that construction sites often have nails and screws in the street, which would be a similar form of hazard to road users. Similarly, another person said that it could have been fatal, something very true.

Whether or not the incident was intentional will be found out by the California Highway Patrol. It goes without saying that this should serve as a reminder that drivers should always watch out for debris, as it is a potential hazard to cars and their occupants. At highway speeds, the resulting crashes would be fatal, making the incident criminal in nature if intent is proven.


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