The rebirth of Lancia becomes a reality and so are the plans of the Italian Mercedes

A new Lancia is discovered here and now. After confirming Stellantis’s plans to revive Lancia as a premium manufacturer, the day has finally come to find out some more details about this plan. Under the idea of ​​combining tradition, design and sustainability, Lancia aspires to become a kind of Italian-style Mercedes-Benza brand that will bet very strongly on electrification, but at the same time promises to put cars on the streets where design and personality will be very protagonists.

Through an event named as Lancia Design Daythe Italian manufacturer Lancia has revealed to us the foundations of its renaissance, presenting not only a new logobut one new typography and a first prototype that advances its design keys. Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen any cars, but we can already anticipate that in 2023 we will see the first Lancia car designed under this new era, with its commercialization scheduled for 2024.

The Pu-Ra Zero prototype hides some design keys of the new Lancia Ypsilon

In 116 years of history, Lancia has known 7 different emblems, now giving life to an eighth in pursuit of materializing the change that the brand intends to experience. This new logo is inspired by the 1957 shield, but at the same time shows off its own identity in search of that combination of tradition and modernity. In fact, The typography used is also new, combining with the new design language called Pu+Ra Design to cement everything we will see in the brand from now on.

This new corporate identity comes into force immediately, being the Lancia Ypsilon the first car to wear this new emblem and reaching the entire commercial network between now and 2024.

With a roadmap where the launch of three new electric cars, a new Ypsilon, a new Delta and a model larger than these two that will defend the role of flagship, the first preview of how the design of these models will be called Lancia Pu + Ra Zero. This sculpture presents some of the ideas that Lancia intends to take to the streets, highlighting elements such as its front lighting signature or the use of round rear lights. Lancia plans to launch a new car every two years, starting in 2024 and ending in 2028.thus giving life to a plan that allows the brand to consolidate itself within the segment of premium car manufacturers by covering 50% of this market.

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