The Renault Espace will still be alive, it will have 7 seats, but it will no longer be a minivan

The Renault Espace will still be alive, it will have 7 seats, but it will no longer be a minivan

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if we talk about minivansOur head automatically thinks, almost unintentionally, of mythical models such as the Renault Espace, a true pioneer in its segment that for generations and generations has represented the greatest exponent of the great European family cars. The generation that has been marketed up to now was aimed at the SUV market like never before, a trend that will be accentuated in the new edition. which will be released in just a few weeks. What is Renault up to with the new generation of the Espace?

Conceptually born in 1983, the first generation of the European minivan will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2024four decades during which a total of 5 generations have been marketed. Until the fourth generation, the Renault Espace could be considered -and has been considered- a true minivancreated by and for the largest families, offering space in abundance and an image that, yes, has been refined over time.

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The fifth and last -so far- generation of the Espace, however, took a disruptive step in 2015 by turning towards a more crossover profile.with a clearly more dynamic and aggressive image than previous generations although, yes, at the cost of some of the practicality and modularity that has made the Renault Espace so famous and popular. The sixth edition has already been confirmed by the brand, it will be presented in the spring, and it will be a full-fledged SUV: the Renault Espace is dead, long live the Renault Espace.

The new Renault Espace will be 100% SUV and 0% minivan

Built on the Alliance’s modular CMF-CD platform, the future Renault Espace opens a new chapter in which it will carry the genes of the latest launches of the Renault brand and, according to the brand, offering the same qualities that have made the Espace a benchmark for the last four decades: comfort, innovation and equipment.

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Taking into account that the new Renault Austral has just been presented and has dimensions and a technical construction typical of the D segment, the sighting of different camouflaged prototypes in recent months makes us think that the new generation Espace is going to become A sort of 7-seater Austral although, yes, with a certain identity of its own. This new generation will also be the first to have electrified engines.

The current generation of Espace is still on sale

You may think that the current generation of the Espace is no longer with us, as has happened with other similar models such as the SEAT Alhambra, but lor it is true that no, it is still available and you can still get a completely new Espace if you wish: yes, it will not be cheap nor will you have much to choose from. Currently you can take a Renault Espace Only with diesel engine with two power levels.

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It is available with 160 and 190 CV, always with an automatic transmission, and with two trim levels: Techno and Initiale Paris. Its starting price is not exactly affordable, since it starts at just over €47,000and since it does not have any type of electrification, it only receives the C label from the General Directorate of Traffic.

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