The revival of Lancia will begin with this model… and it will be manufactured in Spain!

When Stellantis decided to group DS, Alfa Romeo and Lancia into the same business unit, it gave the latter the opportunity to rise from the ashes… while Luca Napolitano confirmed that the person in charge of initiating this resurrection would be the Lancia Ypsilon.A return that will be forged in the factory that Stellantis has in Figueruelas (Zaragoza).

Last October, José Luis Alonso Mosquera (director of Stellantis Zaragoza) confirmed that the Aragonese plant had been awarded a new model with electrified versions. For a long time, rumors had linked the Lancia Ypsilon with Figueruelas: a tango that in Passione Auto Italiane They already took it for granted in March. Is now The Newspaper of Aragon who confirms this by citing “sources from the automobile sector who are familiar with the industrial plans of the Stellantis group”.

three electric

The aforementioned medium points out that, at the moment, there is no confirmation by the brand or the group appealing “for reasons of confidentiality about their potential clients.” They assure, however, that the manufacture of the new Lancia Ypsilon will start in april 2024 and that it will have a production of about 60,000 units per year.

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If these statements are true, the Lancia Ypsilon will be the third electric car to leave the Figueruelas lines, taking over from the Opel Corsa-e and the Peugeot e-208, which will arrive in Zaragoza next summer to start production probably after summer. The combustion versions of the French urban car, however, will continue to be manufactured in Kenitra (Morocco).

More tests

To this they add more evidence that would confirm the arrival of the Lancia Ypsilon in Spain. Apparently Stellantis has already closed the supply of some parts of the Italian model with various suppliers in Aragon. Cefa (Celulosa Fabril) would be in charge of shaping the doors, the dashboard and the central console. Once again, El Periódico de Aragón echoes “sources from the industrial sector”.

Cefa manufactures the dashboard of the Opel Corsa, Opel Crossland and Citroën C3 Aircross: it is known that it will stop doing so because the production of the last two will be transferred to Trnava (Slovakia). The move was scheduled for the end of 2023, but it seems that it will take place in April 2024, coinciding with the start of the lines corresponding to the Lancia Ypsilon in Figueruelas.

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The future of Lancia

At the end of November, the Lancia Design Day. An event, to be held in Turin, and in which the brand is expected to reveal what its future will be like. Everything points to electrification and a line of premium models.

Taking into account that a prototype of the Lancia Ypsilon has already been seen on the roads, Italians are expected to take advantage of this framework to present the new model that will become the starting point of its rebirth. Rumors bet on an electric utility vehicle while Lancia is silent.

What does seem certain is that, with this new beginning, the Italian brand will return to markets where it has already been. Stellantis wants to make Lancia an international brand again and this expansion would include, initially, six countries, including Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. And, in addition, they will put everything to promote the sale of cars online.

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