The solar electric car that you will rarely have to charge already accepts reservations, and will cost less than 40,000 euros

When we think of sustainable mobility, it seems that the only plausible options are, for the moment, the electric car and the plug-in hybrid with all the advantages and disadvantages that these imply. And it is that it is not for less to consider these two possibilities taking into account that the hydrogen car does not finish curdling and that synthetic fuels are beginning to start. But the truth is that there is a very logical fourth option, which has a ZERO label and that you can already reserve: the Lightyear 2, or what is the same, a solar electric car that you hardly have to charge.

Although it may seem like a complex and inefficient technology since it depends on the sun to recover energy when we don’t have a charger at hand, the truth is that nothing is further from reality. Or at least that’s how the Lightyear One supports ita model of which the 946 units that were to be manufactured have already been sold despite being a vehicle with a price of 150,000 euros.

The Lightyear 2 will be an affordable solar electric car

This has logically encouraged the Dutch firm to continue with the expansion of the family. And the next step will be the Lightyear 2, a car that will use the same system but at a much more affordable price. when settling with a starting price of less than 40,000 euros Hand in hand with features as interesting as those of its range brother.

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At the moment, Lightyear has only revealed some images of it as a teaser, showing the silhouette of a vehicle that offers a fusion of concepts. On the one hand, we appreciate the shape of a coupe-cut saloon, a design that benefits aerodynamics and, therefore, autonomy. But there are also certain nuances typical of an SUV, such as a considerable height or side skirts finished in black plastic.

Regardless of this, the high point of the Lightyear 2 lies in its mechanical scheme. Thus, the brand ensures a range of 800 kilometers on a single charge, a figure that, although we do not know under which approval cycle it has been measured, can be maintained thanks to the additional solar charge that it can receive simply by being parked. And it is that we must remember the capabilities of the Lightyear One in this area, being able to increase its autonomy by 12 kilometers per hour through the sun.

And in case the day is cloudy, the Dutch brand ensures that it recovers a total of 40 kilometers. Taking into account that this system will be replicated in the Lightyear 2, although in a more modest way as it is a considerably cheaper vehicle, we are talking about an electric car that we will barely have to charge thanks to the energy that it will recover, for example, by being parked in an outdoor car park for several hours.

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Be that as it may, we will have to wait for it to arrive in Spain to discover its price established in our market. Nevertheless, Lightyear already accepts orders through its websiteand it will only be a matter of months or even weeks before we discover more data about what promises to be a very interesting alternative to the conventional electric car.

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