The Sono Sion is one step away from failure: the company needs more funds for the solar car

The Sono Sion needs more funding
Image courtesy of Autobild – The Sono Sion needs more funding

The Sono Zion, one of the first solar car models scheduled to hit the market, could be halfway there. And it is that Sono Motorsthe company that develops the Zionhas failed in its financing objective and for what they need to achieve additional funds Otherwise, the project would be cancelled.

Through a statement on their website they reported that: “They are telling us not to build the car, to restructure the company and to lay off 70 percent of our people.”

“Reimbursing the Community and neglecting the Zions and our reservation holders. But, for us, this simply cannot be an option. Not before giving our Community a chance to step up. That’s why we launched this campaign,” they said.

The Sono Sion needs more funding

The aforementioned campaign consists of opening a period of 50 days where they need to be carried out 3,500 more reservations of the model paid in full. The solar car would cost 25,000 euros, although those who join the initiative first will have access to a discount of 3,000 euros on their vehicles.

Sono has considered this objective as something achievable due to the fact that last September his solar car achieved 20,000 orderswith an average of 2,000 euros each, so they contemplate the possibility that the 3,500 buyers can advance the money.

Image courtesy of Autobild – The Sono Sion needs more funding

As they mention, this would give rise to a domino effect that allows them to access new sources of financing with which they can take their car to the street.

“We believe that your down payment, which represents both your money and your trust in us, will enable us to continue to find new investors, as well as pay for the remaining machinery, tooling and production setup to achieve planned pre-series production in 2023 and achieve the start of large-volume production in 2024”, they specify.

It is worth mentioning that if you do not achieve your goal to finance the car, Sono Motors ensures that the funds received will be fully returned to those who have contributed to the campaign.


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