The Spanish bodybuilder Hurtan celebrates its 30th anniversary with an elegant Mazda MX-5 (+ IMAGES)

The Spanish bodybuilder steal is celebrating its 30th anniversary with an aesthetic Mazda MX-5.

Mazda MX-5 to celebrate the Hurtan anniversary

The Grand Albaycin based on Miata ND met with soft top and RF variants since last year, now a new special edition arrives being exclusive. Assembling just 6 units.


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It will arrive in exterior colors like (gunmetal, cherry red and midnight blue) and two interior finishes. In these images we can see the sporty roadster with the manually foldable cloth roof and power hardtop.


steal want to market the mx-5 roadster in a personalized way with the possibility of choosing between the six-speed manual transmission and an automatic.


Its interior is similar to that of a 1960s British roadstersince the Miata NA original was assembled from the Post WWII British roadster.


It features somewhat quirky quad exhaust tips as the Grand Albaycin they maintain the engines of 1.5 and 2.0 liters of natural aspiration with 132 and 184 horsepower.


It has a high-end cabin. Similar to Amati premium brand of Mazda who previously wanted the Miata out of high end.


steal only does not redesign Miatas since they also have Authorsimilar to a Chrysler PT Cruiser redesigned, along with the Route 44a Fiat Ducato/Ram ProMaster in a vintage style. The bodybuilder based in Granada, Spain, also markets the Vintagea Jeep wrangler with an image update that was inspired by the 30s.

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