The spectacular invoices, with many zeros to the right, of the actual maintenance of a Bugatti Chiron (video)

The spectacular invoices, with many zeros to the right, of the actual maintenance of a Bugatti Chiron (video)

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When one is lucky enough to cross his path with such an exclusive and expensive car – close to three million euros – like the Bugatti Chiron, he probably does not wonder every how many kilometers he will have to change the oil, what its annual maintenance costs or replace a taillight. I also don’t think that’s one of the biggest concerns of a Bugatti owner. Especially if your average client, as the former President of Bugatti recounted, continues to respond to that of a driver who has 84 cars, 3 private planes and a yacht.

Keeping to this profile, and to the exclusivity of a Bugatti, the cost of the actual maintenance of a Bugatti Chiron probably does not seem so expensive to us. Although it is. Despite the fact that an annual maintenance – to replace filters and oil – costs practically what some semi-new cars and a more complete maintenance, which we will have to carry out in the fourth year, costs as much as many sports cars.

Is it as expensive to maintain a Bugatti Chiron as we imagined? Yes it is.

Maintenance services cost as much as many pre-owned cars, even many sports cars.

How much does it cost to maintain a Bugatti Chiron?

Steve Hamilton tells us in this video, from the hand of a proud owner of a Bugatti Chiron, the cost of maintaining a Bugatti Chironas well as the repair of some breakdowns and also what it would cost us to repair major breakdownsas the complete replacement of the engine.

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The first thing that one has to assume when acquiring a minimally special car is the need to carry out, with the utmost rigor, periodic maintenance services. The owner of this Bugatti tells how useful it has been to have a 4-year warranty and maintenance service included, which covers practically everything. Especially if we take into account that the annual maintenance of a Bugatti Chiron costs 11,500 dollars (from now on we will give you figures in euros, in this case they are 10,624 euros) and the maintenance of the fourth year amounts to 31,410 euros.

Bugatti offers a four-year maintenance pack with a single payment of between 55,000 and 65,000 euros, which compensates with these prices, or a warranty extension to resolve any fault of 188,460 euros.

The engine of a Bugatti Chiron is nothing more and nothing less than 791,174 euros

Images of the Bugatti Chiron factory.

That in four years it has not had to replace the tires, invites us to think that this Bugatti Chiron has not had a very intense life. Which is always fine if we take into account that the bill amounts to 7,806 euros. This also explains why the problems that the owner of this Bugatti Chiron has had have been relatively minor, some failure of the start assistant (Launch Control), a smelly air filter after maintenance and a lost key. And how much does a Bugatti Chiron key cost? €12,515.

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Another of the problems that the owner of this Bugatti Chiron had, and also a recurring problem, probably derived from the high temperatures generated in the engine and the exhaust system of a supercar like this, was burning several rear lights, each of which costs about 9,000 euros.

As we told you, the owner of this Bugatti Chiron has still been lucky and has not suffered too many problems, which have also been covered by the extended warranty and maintenance services included in a single payment. lucky, because the bill for some components is really high:

  • Replacing the engine of a Bugatti Chiron costs 791,174 euros (much more than with its predecessor, the Bugatti Veyron, whose engine cost 559,277 euros).
  • The transmission of a Bugatti Chiron is another 170,908 euros
  • The front brake discs 16,922 euros and another 6,249 euros for the pads
  • The rear brake discs also cost 16,922 euros, to which 3,717 euros are added for the pads.
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Note to self: I’ll have to continue to settle for a LEGO Bugatti Chiron for now.

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