The strange photo of Elon Musk’s “nightstand” on Twitter: weapons, Buddhist amulet and Diet Coke (+Tweet)

Strange photo Elon Musk on Twitter
Image courtesy of La Patilla – Strange photo Elon Musk on Twitter

A strange photo of the “nightstand” of Elon Musk It has caused surprise among Twitter users, and it is that this Monday, November 28, he published the image with some strange decorations, which include a pair of pistols, a Buddhist amulet and several cans of Coca-Cola Light.

Elon Musk posts strange photo of his “nightstand” on Twitter

The photo of the billionaire CEO of Tesla It included a non-firing replica of George Washington’s flintlock pistol, housed in a wooden box whose open lid bore an image of Emanuel Leutze’s painting of the first US president. USA across the Delaware River. In front of him was another replica, but this one was of a Diamond Back .357 revolver from the video game “Deus Ex: Human Revolution.”

Along with the weapons was what appears to be a Tibetan Buddhist amulet known as a Vajra Dorje, which is used for meditation. He also had four open cans of caffeine-free Diet Coke and a bottle of water on his desk.

To the right of the lamp and behind the water bottle there appeared to be a small set of three books on the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and George Washington’s “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Conversation.” .

Strange photo Elon Musk on Twitter
Image courtesy of NY – Strange photo Elon Musk on Twitter

Musk posted the photo via Twitter during the early hours of Monday with the subtitle: “My nightstand.” And he later added in another Tweet: “There is no excuse for my lack of coasters.”

Additionally, the billionaire mentioned that he felt the sale of assault weapons should be limited to specific circumstances, such as those who live in a “high-risk place, like a gang war” or owners of shooting ranges.

Content moderation

Meanwhile, an ongoing review of Twitter’s operations has led to strong views from Musk’s critics, many arguing that his “absolutist” approach to free speech will lead to more hate speech and unsafe behavior on the Internet. the website.

Initiatives led by the now owner of the social media platform include a much-maligned revamp of Twitter’s verification system and thousands of job cuts. Last week he mentioned that he will grant a “amnesty” to suspended accounts.

Strange photo Elon Musk on Twitter

In relation to this topic, Citronwho is also vice president of the Cyber ​​Civil Rights Initiative and sits on Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council, a group of outside advisers who, it should be noted, have not met since Musk took control of the platform, said he was try to “a disaster waiting to happen«. In the same way he added that: “It’s crazy because the whole point of the permanent suspension is because these people were so bad that they were bad for business.”

Similarly, earlier this month, FTX stated that it was “following recent developments on Twitter with deep concern.”

It’s also worth noting that some big brands have withdrawn from advertising on the platform since it was acquired by Tesla’s CEO, fearing that his promised relaxation of content moderation could associate their companies with objectionable content.


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