The strongest rival of the Honda PCX 125 will only cost you €3/100 km

If you are looking for a good urban mobility solution, you may be looking at electric scooters or shared cars. But we assure you that one of the best solutions will always remain a 125 cubic centimeter scooter. If your city has good weather, it will allow you to move on all kinds of roads, with consumption so low that you will spend only 3 euros every 100 kilometres. It is the expense of the motorcycle that is the protagonist of this article: you can drive it with a car license, it is the strongest rival of the Honda PCX 125and costs 3,499 euros.

The Yamaha NMAX 125 It is a scooter that you can drive with a car license. It is a medium wheel scooter: its wheels are 13 inches, and even if there are scooters with smaller wheels, it is necessary to know that rivals like the Honda PCX 125 have 14-inch wheels, while high-wheel scooters like the Honda SH125i are already at 16 inches. The height from the ground of the seat is only 765 mm and its second place is wide, in addition to being located in a somewhat higher position. It is a motorcycle especially suitable for urban use.

It is a recently redesigned motorcycle. It is less than 300 euros more expensive than the Honda PCX 125.

Its design is striking and modern, with LED lights and a good sense of perceived quality. Yamaha is one of the most reputable motorcycle manufacturers in the world, and its good work is evident in the efficiency of its mechanics. This NMAX 125 mounts a single-cylinder engine, with electronic multipoint injection and liquid cooling. this engine develops 12.2 CV at 8,000 rpm and transmits it to the rear wheel by means of a belt and the traditional change of continuous variator. Approves an average fuel consumption of only 2.2l/100km.

With a 7.1-litre fuel tank, it is capable of traveling 300 km between fill-ups. If we transfer your fuel consumption to money, we are talking about 3 euros per 100 km. The cycle part of this bike is more than capable, with generous brake discs (230 mm) on both axles, telescopic front forks and an oscillating unit with a single shock absorber on the rear axle. The motorcycle has a digital display and through the app MyRide we can connect via Bluetooth to the motorcycle, obtaining travel, maintenance or consumption information.

The motorcycle’s engine is Euro 5 and has Stop & Start to save fuel in the city.

Other elements to take into account in the NMAX is the ABS, traction control and its SmartKey keyless start system – which also serves to open the fuel tank lid and the box, and which the Honda PCX lacks. In the box, by the way, a full-face helmet fits and we have a power outlet to charge a mobile device. The current price of the Yamaha NMAX 125 is 3,499 euros. This price does not include extras or accessories and is a final price. It is only 249 euros more expensive than the asking price of the Honda PCX 125.

Photos of the Yamaha NMAX 125

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