The SUV for which it is worth waiting until 2023 travels 146 kilometers without spending a drop of gasoline

The SUV for which it is worth waiting until 2023 travels 146 kilometers without spending a drop of gasoline

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Today we are used to cars cut from the same pattern, especially with regard to its technique. In recent years we have witnessed the arrival of a whole wave of plug-in hybrids that, in the best cases, were capable of traveling 40 or 50 kilometers in electric mode, without consuming a drop of gasoline. Today there are more and more plug-in hybrids that are approaching autonomies of 100 kilometers.

But the surprise comes from China. Forks a large SUV that promises to travel no more and no less than 146 kilometers without consuming a drop of gasoline, in electric mode. A product that is also significantly cheaper than those that are a priori its rivals. And a car that has already passed through our hands, to show us that, to everyone’s surprise, it is a great product.

Next year, the new WEY Coffee 01 will arrive at dealerships, a hybrid and plug-in SUV, with high-capacity batteries and, thanks to them, 146 kilometers of electric autonomy.

The launch of WEY Coffee 01 will take place in mid-2023, with the opening of at least two concessions in Madrid and Barcelona that will expand throughout the rest of Spain in the coming years.

The SUV worth waiting for in 2023

In the video that accompanies this article you can see the test of my colleague David García Artés and his impressions about this car. In any case, We will summarize in 4 keys what you need to know about this SUV:

  1. WEY is a Chinese brand, from the Great Wall Motor (GWM) group, one of the largest manufacturers in the Asian Giant. WEY is one of GWM’s luxury brands and, for the moment, markets the Coffee 01 in Europe and later the Coffee 02, a short version of this model.
  2. You will be able to buy it in mid-2023. WEY will open dealerships in Madrid and Barcelona in 2023 and will open more dealerships in Spain later.
  3. The WEY Coffee 01 warranty is 5 years with no mileage limit and is extended to 8 years for the battery.
  4. It is a safe car, or at least as safe as its European rivals. In the EuroNCAP tests it has achieved 5 stars and the scores in all the tests carried out are very high, even higher than that of many cars manufactured in Europe.
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Why is this SUV worth waiting for?

  1. The first reason to wait for the WEY Coffee 01 is that no plug-in hybrid offers such a high range of 146 kilometers. Thanks to it, this car should always be able to be used, daily, in electric mode, and would only need to consume gasoline for long-distance trips. Unlike an electric one, it would not require us to stop to recharge batteries and therefore plan the trip.
  2. It will cost around €55,000. At least that’s its price in Germany. It is an expensive, high-end car, but we have to think that its rivals are products from brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz and that the WEY costs €30,000 less.
  3. To the top of equipment. The standard equipment is overwhelming, includes semi-autonomous driving, 360º cameras, electric and heated seats, 21″ wheels, full connectivity and Head Up Display from the access version.

And why not buy it?

  • One of the biggest defects that we have found, which on the other hand is quite subjective, is that its design is quite bland. On the outside, it comes with a lot of chrome and high-end details, but deep down it doesn’t have a very original or flashy design. It gives the impression that the designers aimed to achieve an aesthetic that would not polarize and not displease, but also not excite, their potential buyers.
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