The Suzuki Jimny faces his nemesis in the 4×4 World Cup Diariomotor [EP7-11]

The Diariomotor 4×4 World Cup continues to be held, and at this time we are playing the quarterfinals. We already have two of the semi-finalists clearly designated – the Ford Ranger Raptor and the Land Rover Defender – and it’s time to find out what happens with the third semi-finalist. This opponent will come out of the duel between the Mercedes G-Class, the most expensive SUV in the Diariomotor 4×4 World Cup, and the Suzuki Jimny, the cheapest. A duel in which David, almost literally, faces the Goliath of the off-road world.

The Goliath is the Mercedes G-Class. On paper, it doesn’t have the best off-road dimensions in the world championship – its 25.7 degree breakover angle is good, but not exceptional – nor the best ground clearance of 241mm. However, the Mercedes G-Class is, together with the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, the only one that has the ultimate weapon to properly drive off the asphalt: triple mechanical blocking of its differentials. To this we must add a rigid rear axle with enormous articulation and a 3.0-liter diesel and 330 CV with a lot of torque at low revs.

The Mercedes G-Class is five times more expensive than the Suzuki Jimny.

The very expensive Mercedes G-Class faces a radically different SUV. The Suzuki Jimny has very similar ingredients on paper. It also has a spar chassis, a similar mechanical layout, and a pure off-road approach. The Jimny has two rigid axles and also has a gearbox.but instead of having locks, it lacks a center differential and entrust traction to the AllGrip system: a reactive and violent traction control that allows you to overcome obstacles that without locks would be almost impossible to conquer.

Although the Jimny has slightly less ground clearance, it has the best off-road dimensions in the world, especially in departure angle, and also a great breakover angle. Today’s battle will be both height and traction. However, in the first obstacles it is already quite clear that both SUVs have no dimension problem. Both cars overcome the Rompepalieres and La Batidora hills flawlessly, although the Suzuki Jimny begins to put its traction control to work overtime to overcome some areas.

By dimensions, the Suzuki Jimny is superior to the Mercedes G-Class.

Nevertheless, it is the last obstacle where these quarterfinals are decided. The Suzuki Jimny is first and already has to climb the first slope with a little more inertia, whose inclination is 70%. However, the decisive moment of this duel occurs in the great step that left the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon eliminated. Will it be a traction problem that decides this duel, or will it be the dimensions? To find out, you will have to watch the video that we have left you on these lines. We guarantee that there are strong emotions.

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