The theft of fuel in cars increases: they perforate the tanks due to the high cost of gasoline in California

Fuel theft from cars on the rise in California
Image courtesy of Univisión – Fuel theft on the rise in cars in California

The increase in gasoline prices has given rise to increase in fuel theft in cars in California, USAwhich has left various damages and expenses to their owners.

And it is that, according to a Sacramento resident, “they opened a hole from below and took out the gas.” It was what Manuel Arces denounced to Univisión 19, noting that he has suffered this event twice.

This fact has earned him a significant expense in repairs, in addition to the amount of the gasoline that had been stolen: “About $700 plus labor and the $200 to $300 for gas.”

However, he is not the only victim. The illicit has also been registered at a U-Haul center in the city of Woodland, where they have emptied the Gas tanks of the cars.

Fuel theft from cars on the rise in California

For now, the authorities do not have data on the incidence of the event in recent times, which is why a mechanic was consulted in order to find some answers.

“They are seeing cars with damaged tanks, without caps, others are perforated from below, they drain all the gasoline,” said Alfonso Vega, an auto mechanic.

Fuel theft from cars on the rise in California
Image courtesy of Siempre Auto – Fuel theft on the rise in California cars

He also stated that he attends at least two affected per month with the same problem in their vehicles, and sometimes even twice a week.

He indicated that the most common causes of being targeted for this type of crime are tall trucksthis is because thieves can get under it more easily and open a hole in the tank to empty the fuel.

How to protect my car?

The mechanic recommends parking in safe places that are well lit and preferably put the car in the garage. As well as using some type of padlock.

Additionally, it is recommended to investigate with your vehicle insurer if it covers the expenses of damages to the Gasoline tank. If you happen to be a victim of this type of crime, you should immediately report it to the authorities.


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