The true 4×4, with 7 seats and 872 liters of luggage space, the cheapest on the market, is on sale. Under what conditions?

An increasingly rare combination on the market and, above all, expensive. And it is that finding an SUV, with truly off-road capabilities, and 7 seats, is increasingly complicated and the existing options point, in most cases, to high-end, premium brand vehicles.

The exception that proves the rule is the model at hand. A large SUV, with a boot capacity of 872 liters arranged with two rows of seats and a third row of seats that gives it its capacity to accommodate up to 7 seats. A configuration of three rows of seats that, by the way, is standard from the most basic version.

It is only available with a 2.2-liter diesel engine and 202 HP of power, 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive, also having a reduction gear, self-locking rear differential and 224 millimeters of ground clearance. It won’t be the most comfortable SUV of its size, but it will be a car more than capable of getting off the road.

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The vehicle in question is the SsangYong Rexton, which is advertised with a starting price of €37,575 for the offer for this month of February. A price whose conditions already imply the delivery of an old SsangYong, to receive the added discount for loyalty, without which its offer price already amounts to €38,575. SsangYong proposes financing with 96 installments of €465.95/month, TIN: 9.2%, APR: 10.8%, opening commission of 3.8%: €1,156 and a down payment of €7,150. Under these conditions, its total price in installments amounts to €51,958, which is 38.28% more than the advertised offer price and 36.23% more than its cash price.

Obviously we recommend acquiring it with more favorable financing conditions than those set forth in this SsangYong offer, or paying in cash and requesting a loan in better conditions with another financial institution.

If we want to pay cash we have the following options:

  • From €39,700 in cash if we have an old SsangYong to deliver to the dealer
  • €40,700 if we do not have an old SsangYong to deliver, but only with a paint finish that does not entail paying an extra, the Fine Silver finish
  • The most realistic price for the SsangYong Rexton is €41,125, for the Pro access version and applying current discounts without the need to finance the purchase
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The offers for this month of February are similar to those that were already in force in January and previously.

SUV and 7-seater 4×4 alternatives

We insist that, even so, this is still a great price. Cars that a priori do not enjoy their 4×4 capabilities, configured with 4×4 drive and 7 seats, are already in more than €45,000 like the Skoda Kodiaq and more than €50,000 the SEAT Tarraco and of €60,000 the Toyota Highlander.

If we aim for a true SUV we will find higher prices, more than €50,000 for the Toyota Land Cruiser and of €85,000 for the Land Rover Discovery.

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