The unmistakable sound of a V12: are you the successor to the Ferrari 812 Superfast?  (+Video)

The unmistakable sound of a V12: are you the successor to the Ferrari 812 Superfast? (+Video)

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Six years have passed since Ferrari raised the curtain on the Ferrari 812 Superfast at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It is no secret that the Italian manufacturer is developing the model in charge of replacing it: a GT that we probably won’t know about until the end of this year or the beginning of next. The last video of Varryx does not reveal any new details, but it does capture the tune of its exhaust: it’s the unmistakable sound of an atmospheric V12.

Last April, the new Ferrari was first spotted hiding under a camouflage cloak: we saw it again in October and again at the beginning of 2023. After leaving Maranello, the mule headed for the Fiorano track: the truth is He doesn’t go around the circuit at full speed, but the driver does push him to the limit in some of the corners of the track. They are low speed, but they are not incompatible with fun… and, besides, it seems that the asphalt is wet. The icing on the cake.

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Rolling in Fiorano

The images have revealed that Ferrari is testing different mules made from parts of a Ferrari Roma. This gives us a clue about the development times of the model that will replace the Ferrari 812 Superfast: it is still in the early stages. The latest video, however, shows a modified bodywork: the wheel arches are wider and a redesigned bumper is hinted at to add additional air intakes.

Nor does it seem that under this camouflage is the V8 biturbo of the Ferrari Roma: the sound of the V12 is unmistakable. Details about the engine that drives the different test models are unknown, but the hypotheses that circulate lead us to the most logical option: keep the current 6.5-liter engine (830 hp and 692 Nm in the Ferrari 812 Competizione) and, just make a few tweaks to take those numbers up a notch. Not surprisingly, Ferrari already revealed that it was working on a more powerful version.

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more theories

Other theories suggest that Ferrari could turbocharge its V12 to keep it alive for another generation. In the video that accompanies these lines, due to the noise, it is difficult to identify the characteristic whistle of the turbo… although this option seems unlikely.

The third aspect points to another possibility: if, finally, Ferrari rules out internal updates for the V12, it could bet on the arrival of a hybrid system. If so, the replacement for the Ferrari 812 Superfast would have just over 900 CV and would be located between the Ferrari 296 GTB (830 CV) and the flagship of the Prancing Horse brand: the Ferrari SF90 Stradale and its 1,000 CV.

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