The very cheap SUV, but with a 7-year warranty, that you can buy and take home before 2023

if you’re looking for new car at reasonable pricebut you don’t want to have to suffer months and months of waiting, The offer that we are going to analyze today interests you… and a lot. Given the rise in prices and the shortage of components in the automobile market, it is extremely difficult buy an affordable new car that doesn’t have to wait months for deliveryhowever in the segment of SUVs there is a very interesting SUV for less than 13,000 euros, with a 7-year warranty and 1 year of all-risk insurance included.

The return of the MG brand to Spain, now in the hands of the Chinese manufacturer SAIC, has allowed our market to still find affordable prices in segments such as compact SUVs, a category that is the one with the greatest demand and where the rise in prices is most noticeable. . But MG has in its MG ZS a very suggestive recipe that seeks to make the classic of good, beautiful and cheap come true, because for only 12,950 euros it is possible to take home a well-equipped MG ZS.

The MG ZS is the most interesting and logical purchase, nobody offers more for less money

The MG ZS is a compact size SUV that has 4.3 meters in lengthbut which in return offers a spacious and a trunk of up to 448 liters. It also has a modern design, perhaps somewhat neutral in personality, but attractive. Its interior, after having thoroughly tested it, also gives us good feelings with a well built cabinwhich makes use of well-manufactured materials and also has a fairly complete endowment of equipment.

And it is that the equipment available as standard in this MG ZS is precisely one of its great claimsWell, for the less than 13,000 euros that it costs, we already have LED lighting, 17″ wheels, rear parking sensors, cruise control, automatic climate control, electric mirrors, a multimedia system with a 10″ touch screen, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto etc

Mechanically, the MG ZS is powered by a 106 hp 1.5 naturally aspirated gasoline engine of maximum power. It is a simple, robust engine that approves an average consumption of 6.6 l/100 km, although it is a low-performance engine that dispenses with that punch at low revs that turbocharged engines offer. The transmission is a 5-speed manual transmission.

The direct rivals of the MG ZS are SUVs that exceed its price by at least 5,000 euros

Once we focus on the prices section, the MG ZS can be purchased from 12,950 euros. This price is an offer that is subject to financing, adding in exchange 1 year of free all-risk insurance. It is also important to highlight that The MG ZS includes a 7-year or 150,000 km warranty as standardhaving a commercial network in full expansion in Spain, but which already has official dealers in the main provincial capitals.

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