The worst nightmare of the Volkswagen ID.3 is a Chinese electric, it has 5 EuroNCAP stars and it will be much cheaper

The landing of cars from China is a reality whether we like it or not, and proof of this is the new Ora Funky Cat. Yes, the name is controversial to say the least, but so could other aspects such as build quality or safety. Reality? That Ora’s 100% electric SUV has not only obtained five stars in EuroNCAP, but also arrives very hungry for Volkswagen ID.3 with similar features and most importantly: a cost more low.

Yes, although it may not seem like it, the Ora Funky Cat is an SUV with its 4.25 meters long, 1.60 high and 1.30 widean increasingly common practice of hiding the real category of the car, as occurs with models such as the Ioniq 5. Be that as it may, and although the ID.3 is not an SUV, we are facing a car that, due to figures and price, points firmly towards Wolfsburg.

This is the Ora Funky Cat, the electric Chinese SUV that wants to conquer Europe

We may like the design more or less, but we must recognize that leave behind that typical -and questionable- task by Chinese manufacturers to copy aesthetics of European vehicles. We find a round front without too many frills in which two circular headlights stand out, a hood with two slight ribs and a defense with two air intakes in which a black plastic splitter is inscribed that, in addition to imitating the fiber of carbon, gives a certain proof of its SUV nature.

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The side continues trying to formalize the segment to which the Funky Cat belongs with some heels finished in the same material and with 18-inch wheels. But the rear of the electric SUV is the area that oozes personality from the hand of a clean gate and without too much ornamentation. and with a pilot made LED strip inscribed in the rear window itself.

The cabin follows those mythical minimalist currents that are so fashionable today. Thus, the undisputed protagonists of the interior of the new Ora Funky Cat there are two 10.25-inch screens which, linked together, form the dashboard and the infotainment system, the latter being compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

But, what mechanics will the Ora Funky Cat mount to be not only a rival of the ID.3 but also its worst enemy? In a first instance, the Chinese SUV will only show off a single mechanics of 172 CV and 250 Nm of torque from an electric motor that is located on the front axle and that allows a 0 to 100 in 8.3 seconds. The one in charge of its operation is none other than a 47.7 kWh capacity battery that, under the WLTP cycle, guarantees a range of 310 kilometers.

But before you shout to the sky, it is necessary to clarify that there are two more versions of the Funky Cat. In these the features do not change, but the battery does, increasing its capacity to 63.13 kWh, which translates into 400 kilometers of autonomy for the GT and 420 for the 400 variant. To this we must add the possibility of charging with up to 80 kW of power in direct current, allowing us to go from 15 to 80% in 40 minutes.

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But the high point of the electric SUV is its price, which will start at approximately 35,000 euros and will rise to 45,000 euros for the top-of-the-range variant. We are talking about figures without aid, which would imply a discount of up to 7,000 euros with the MOVES III Plan that will allow us to take home the Funky Cat for a very interesting 28,000 euros.

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