The ZERO label has never been at such a good price thanks to these 3 second-hand electric cars

The environmental labels of the DGT are becoming almost an essential requirement, especially when it comes to driving through large cities. Thus, the ECO and ZERO labels, which are the ones that grant the most advantages to their carriers, take on special relevance among drivers. However, the high price of these cars makes many back down but, What would happen if we told you that we have the solution thanks to these three second-hand electric cars?

And it is that thanks to the section of second-hand cars from What car should I buy?, we can find numerous options at a very good price. Not just electric cars anymore, but of any type that fits our tastes and, above all, budgetwhich is almost more important in these dark times of inflation.

The misunderstood BMW i3, a premium electric compact at a very good price

There are cars that have passed through the market without rhyme or reason, and the BMW i3 may be one of them. And it is that despite the fact that its sales have not been bad, we cannot describe it as a resounding success, but that does not mean we are facing a bad car, quite the opposite. In this way, the German compact settles as one of the most sensible options for those who want an electric car with its ZERO label at a considerably low price.

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And it is easy to find units with two or three years behind them for just under 29,000 euros and with a mileage between 50,000 and 100,000 kilometers. If we want to get hold of a BMW i3 with less travel behind it, we must know that it is also possible if we can afford to slightly exceed the barrier of 30,000 euros.

Kia e-Niro, a proven electric SUV that can be yours for less than you think

Kia has shown in recent years a considerable increase in quality, thus leaving a series of vehicles on the market ready to be a logical and plausible alternative to European cars. One that has given evidence of this has been the Kia Niro, model that in its previous generation showed off the 100% electric variant e-Niro.

And today it stands as a very good option for those who want an electric SUV at a good price. So much so, that we can get hold of e-Niro units with not much more than 20,000 kilometers, three years behind him and for just over 28,000 euros. Although yes, if we want a Kia e-Niro of the previous generation with fewer years and hardly any kilometers, we will have to stretch the budget to 30,000 euros.

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MG ZS EV, the SUV that also wants to break the second-hand market

If there is a brand that is breaking inflation and swimming against the tide, it is, without a doubt, MG. And it is that the Chinese firm lands in Europe with groundbreaking prices, which are also maintained in the second-hand market by the hand of models As the MGZS in its 100% electric variant.

And although it is true that we cannot benefit from the MOVES III Plan in used cars, we can continue to enjoy a good price with the MG ZS EV and without the need to finance with the brand. So it is so, what can we do with units with only 1,000 kilometers -that is, brand new- and for 29,000 euros.

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