There is an urban with an ECO label that you can take home for €125 a month, and possibly you did not remember it

In a market in which SUV models are increasingly popular and, in general, new cars are bigger and heavier, it is still possible to find alternatives that pursue a more analogue, more classic approach and at the same time just as attractive. At Mazda they know very well how to build cars with these characteristics, and the Mazda2, their access model, is a good example of this. So much so that, in addition, you can take it home for just €4 a day.

The Mazda2 has always represented the step of access to the Mazda range, with a practical and urban approach, but without forgetting the driving dynamics and fun behind the wheel. The current generation of the Mazda2 can already be considered a veteran vehicle after its birth in 2015, and although it was conveniently updated in 2020 to face the second part of its commercial life with guarantees, The truth is that in some aspects the Mazda 2 begins to show the passage of time.

Is that an impediment to your purchase? It does not have to: if you are looking for a reliable, well-built vehicle with an ECO label, the Mazda2 can be an excellent alternative to models like the Toyota Yaris or the Renault Clio. Of course, in this case we must be clear that it is a model with microhybrid mechanics which has a most interesting promotion, both for Get a Mazda2 with an ECO label for €125 per month. What is this offer?

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There is a Mazda2 with an ECO label for €4 a day

Mazda offers us, through its financing system multi option, a Mazda2 with a 90 CV 1.5 E-SKYACTIV G engine with a 6-speed manual transmission associated with the Origin finish. It is a well-known engine within the brand, with sufficient performance for day to day, accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds and exceeding 180 km/h top speed. Its consumption is also very low, approving an average of 4.7 liters / 100 km.

In addition, thanks to a 24 volt microhybridization system, the Mazda2 receives the DGT ECO label, a great incentive for its use in urban terrain. Its standard equipment is more than correct, with elements such as air conditioning, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 7″ color touch screen, rear parking sensors, cruise control or 15″ alloy wheels.

With the Multioption system we will have to pay an entry of €4,973.62 and after 36 months paying monthly installments of €125, We can keep the car if we pay a final fee of €10,558.51, which means an APR of 9.85%. This financing also includes maintenance for the first three years, as well as a 6-year or 150,000 km warranty.

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The Mazda2 in which car I buy

If you want to know all the details of the Mazda2, you can do it through our comparator portal What car do I buywhere you can also find out all the real prices of the Japanese model, of any model of the brand and, of course, of any other model of the competition, whatever your interest.

Also, thanks to our comprehensive buying guidesin What car do I buy you will be able to find out, at a glance, the key points of this Mazda2 and any of its rivals, all seasoned with the real opinions of the editorial team of Diariomotor.

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