These are the used cars in Chile that are falling the most in price

In 2021 used cars were booming, but nowadays the prices are going down and a higher supply is projected.

It is estimated that the used vehicles are experiencing a 4% decline compared to October 2022, according to the report from the Automotive Chamber of Commerce of Chile (Cavem).

The rise in the stock of automotive factories, renewal and arrival of new models cause a greater supply of second-hand cars.

On the OLX Autos platform, they comment that it is a opportune moment for those who want to renew, buy or sell their car at prices suitable for the end of the year.

Some of the models and brands that have dropped the most in price

Mark Model Change of price
nissan Qashqai -19.1%
Chevrolet Prism -16.1%
kia Morning -15.3%
Toyota Yaris -14.8%
MG ZS -14.5%
nissan versa -13.8%
Ford ecosport -12.4%
nissan Kicks -11.7%
chery tiger 2 -9.8%
Hyundai Grand I10 -8.1%
Chevrolet sail -7.4%
MG 3 -7.3%

Raphael Aravena, Divisional head of the aforementioned platform, commented that in the last six months they have seen a tendency to regularize the prices of these vehicles.

There is a drop of approximately between 5% and 6% if we take into account November and December of the year 2021 “he explained.

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He also highlighted that the prices we observed during the end of the year “they should be maintained at least until February 2023”.

used car prices

In January 2022 the average price of used cars It was from 18,297,179 pesos for the SUV segment, while in October it reached 16,419,242.

Another segment that lowered prices is that of trucks whose average in January was 20,466,404 pesos and the month before that it fell to 18,437,225.

As for hatchbacks and sedans, showed a modest decline going from $11,305,873 to $10,647,933 for hatchbacks and $11,169,195 to $10,515,086 for sedans.

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