They canceled the vehicular verification for these cars in Mexico


In this article we tell you which are the cars to which they canceled the vehicle verification in Mexico.

They cancel the vehicular verification of these cars

The Ministry of Economy (SE) reported that the new vehicle verification which was established under Rule 236 has been canceled so as not to affect the family economy.

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The I KNOW indicated through an official statement that on November 24, the National Commission for Quality Infrastructure canceled the technical inspection of the physical-mechanical conditions of light cars weighing less than 3.8 tons.

According to I KNOW, the Rule 236 that regulated the inspection was scheduled to enter into force on December 1 of this year, however, it negatively affects the economy of Mexican families whose cars are used as work tools.

In the Rule 236published in the Official Journal of the Federation In May of this year, a vehicular inspection or verification had to be carried out on cars weighing less than 3.8 tons to establish the physical-mechanical conditions.

Checking doors, windshields, brakes, lights, turn signals, tires, suspensions, shock absorbers, engine, among other systems that vehicles have that influence optimal driving and protection of the person inside the unit.

Is check it was mandatory for both national and foreign vehicles that had less than a thousand kilometers. Applicable to those individuals who were four years old from their purchase as a new unit.

In Mexico City or in the State of Mexico according to agreement with the vehicle verification schedule The vehicles that should be checked are:

  • Green gummed, finish plates 1 and 2
  • Blue gummed, finishing of plates 9 and 0 (they can do it until December)

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