They forced him to kneel in front of a luxury car for having mistakenly dirty it (+Video)


They force an older adult to kneel in front of a high-end vehicle for having done it dirty unintentionally.

Sweeper is humiliated for having dirty a car by mistake

Users of social networks were outraged by a video that travels the world, about an older adult who was humiliated by the driver of a luxury vehicle, after having mistakenly dirty the car.

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A couple living in the city of Ningbo, in the Chinese province of Zhejiang, humiliated an elderly man for littering with dust from public roads by accident.

The older adult apologized to the driver who did not accept his apology causing him to kneel in front of the car.

After the video went viral, the cleaning company is looking for those responsible to apologize to the man.

“A cleaning worker was humiliated just for such a trivial matter. They are ignorant of the law and have no morals. Society should teach them a lesson”: “What kind of parents will raise these kinds of children. Good parents and their children are at least supportive. Even if life has given you abundance, a cleaning worker should not be intimidated in this way.” Netizens commented.

The video was posted on the douyin platformthe Chinese version of TikTok, which already registers more than eight million reproductions and hundreds of thousands of comments, almost all of them outraged by the event.

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