They present the GAC GS3 2023, a next-generation Chinese SUV created to captivate the younger public (+ Images)

They present the GAC GS3 2023, a next-generation Chinese SUV created to captivate the younger public (+ Images)

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GAC GS3 2023
Image courtesy of – GAC GS3 2023

Chinese car manufacturer GAChas unveiled its new and very interesting SUV: the GS3 2023, an SUV intended for the younger public. The 2022 Guangzhou Auto Show has received the new GAC GS3, a new model conceived with the aim of capturing the attention of the aptly named Generation Z.

The Chinese brand has stepped up its SUV offensive with this next-generation model, which is just the start of a long list of vehicles. With the GS3, the range is incorporated for the first time R-Style versiona sportier style with all the character.

The new GAC GS3 2023

The GS3 was developed on the new design language “Super Mate”. It is worth mentioning that the new GS3 stands out for its exterior appearance, displaying a more striking image with a low profile and a dynamic posture. The front of the Chinese SUV it has a letter H shape that the brand calls “Armor Wing”. In addition, the optical groups are very stylized and slightly enveloping together with LED technology that is a protagonist in this SUV.

Image courtesy of – The new GAC GS3 2023

The grille sports considerable dimensions and the GAC insignia is located on it. The spotlights fog lamps are combined with large decorative elements that will be available in different colours. The rear pilots have a horizontal layout and are quite slim. The shape of the rear bumper and the roof spoiler provide added sportiness.


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Compared to the previous model, the GS3 2023 it is longer, lower and wider. In addition, the wheelbase has been increased, which means an improvement in the available space in the cabin and in the cargo capacity of the trunk.

Interior and technology of the GAC GS3 2023

GAC GS3 2023 Cockpit
Image courtesy of – Cabin of the GAC GS3 2023

Now, we enter inside the new GS3 we will find a comfortable environment. A cabin in which up to five adult passengers can accommodate and travel perfectly. The interior is under the “Mobile Loft” concept, where, to enhance the feeling of relaxation and comfort, a wraparound design of the door panels and instrument panel with concave surfaces was combined.

Likewise, it has a customizable ambient lighting system with 32 colors. In addition, with the generational change, new color options arrive for the cabin trim, cargo capacity has been improved and the trunk has a cargo volume of 341 liters.

GAC GS3 2023 interior
Image courtesy of – Interior of the GAC GS3 2023

Powertrain of the new GAC GS3

Finally, with regard to the mechanical section, under the hood of the new GS3 roars a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine, which is associated with a seven-speed WDCT automatic gearbox. On the technical side, GAC has not gone into details, but it does point out that it will have an average fuel consumption of 6.18 liters per 100 km. Meanwhile, the R-Style version will be able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 7.5 seconds.

The commercial launch of the new GS3 2023 It is expected for the first half of the following year, but for now, prices are unknown.

Image courtesy of – GAC GS3 2023, a Chinese SUV aimed at young people


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