They recovered the stolen Porsche of Johnny Herrera “This could have been solved much earlier” (+ Video)

Almost three months after his vehicle was stolen, elements of Police managed to recover Johnny’s Porsche blacksmith. The former goalkeeper referred to the press in this regard.

This year, at the beginning of August, Johnny Herrera was the victim of a violent trap in a sector near The Salt Flats of Viña del Mar, when three criminals locked him up and stole his truck Porsche Cayenne who was driving

Now, after almost three months after the unfortunate event, this Thursday, there was good news for the TNT Sports panelist. And it is that according to the report that Carabineros delivered, IAPA members from the 15th Buin Police Station found the vehicle in a supermarket of that town around 1:30 p.m.

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After making the lucky discovery known, the uniformed officers inspected the driver and detected that the chassis was adulterated and he was carrying “apparently handcrafted manufacturing plates”. The subject was arrested for the crime of reception, detailed Captain Jéssica González Celis.

“All the background of the procedure was made available to the Public Ministry, which determined that the accused go to detention control this Friday and the vehicle be delivered to its owner.“, reported Carabineros.

After Herrera was informed of the recovery of his vehicle, the idol of the University of Chile spoke with the press and assured that “they told me at noon”, detailing that the insurance company “He was very good to me.”

“They answered me and it’s like you practically disassociate yourself, but it’s always good when the institutions work and in this case Police were able to find the vehicle“, he pointed.

However, Herrera did not fail to emphasize that “I think this could have been fixed much sooner. One way or another, it was known where the vehicle was for a long time and a judge did not authorize further investigation, as simple as that.”

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