They reveal the reason why an aggressive bus driver hit some inspectors several times in Santiago de Chile


The reason why a aggressive driver The bus crashed multiple times against inspectors in Santiago de Chile, it is revealed by the authorities.

Aggressive driver lashes out at inspectors

A car where they moved inspectors from the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT)was violently impacted by the driver of a white bus, this Thursday morning.

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Inside the car were a man and a woman, along with the inspectors, after they left the unit, it was attacked by the bus at least twice.

When the vehicle collided for the second time, it took one of the people who was already on the sidewalk in front of it.

The inspectorsminutes before the strong impact they were in the vicinity of the Los Héroes metro, specifically on Manuel Rodríguez street.

Supposedly the “bus that was stopped and whose license plate was not completely visible”, points the Ministry of Transport through a press release.

In reality, the driver had already crashed once before, then escaped to Moneda.

“The bus fled down Calle Moneda and since the license plate was not clearly legible, the inspectors followed the vehicle. Again, the bus driver attacked the inspection car, hitting it at least three times, “ describes the document.

Authorities have not identified the driver or the company to which the bus belongs. After the impact, the inspectors are resting due to the injuries and psychological damage suffered.

The head of the control program, Oscar Carrascoexpressed that “We are always in conditions of threats, insults, and some types of minor violence. But, here, what there is is an attack, a greater violence against our tax inspectors”.

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