This car is a real lighter, it has an ECO label and you can buy it for €125/month or €17,131

This car is a real lighter, it has an ECO label and you can buy it for €125/month or €17,131

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Without being too popular a utility vehicle and being far from the sales volume of the most popular cars in its category, this car is undoubtedly one of the most interesting proposals for the buyer who is looking for a new car. A vehicle for everyday use, with an urban cut, with the ECO label to avoid the restrictions of the new Low Emission Zones and, perhaps, the best value for money in its segment.

€17,131 is the starting price of this car, with the condition of financing the purchase. Although you can also pay cash for €18,131. It is also available with two well-differentiated promotions, one financing with a fee of €125/month and another that, for €199/month, is actually renting to individuals.

The car we are talking about in this article is the cheapest in the Mazda range. A Mazda 2 that, as if that were not enough, is marketed in two very different versions, a Mazda 2 that enjoys the ECO label with its micro-hybrid engines and a Mazda 2 Hybrid that is actually a Toyota Yaris with the Mazda emblem.

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An authentic lighter with an ECO label

The Mazda 2 is only available with a 90 hp gasoline enginewith a 6-speed manual transmission and having a hybrid system with which its consumption is reduced to 4.7 liters/100 kilometers (according to WLTP approval) and get the ECO label.

Today Mazda has the following offers:

  • A Mazda 2 from €17,131, with the condition of financing the purchase. If we prefer to pay in cash or get a loan with another financial institution and under more favorable conditions, Mazda proposes a price of €18,131.
  • Mazda also proposes financing for €125/month with a FlexiOpción type plan, which guarantees a repurchase price at the end of the credit so that we decide to pay the last installment and keep the car, or replace it with another new car. The conditions proposed by Mazda are a first installment of €116.2, 34 installments of €125 and a final installment of €10,558.51 (with a maximum of 30,000 kilometres). With an opening commission of 3%, TIN 8.15% and APR 9.83%, the total price in installments would be €20,263.05.
  • Mazda also proposes leasing to individuals, with which the Mazda 2 would enjoy a fee of €199/month and would require the payment of an entry fee of €5,025. As it is a lease, it includes all-risk insurance without excess and comprehensive maintenance of the vehicle (without replacing tires). In What car do I buy? we also show different Mazda 2 leasing offersfrom €392/month, but without the need to pay an entry fee.
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What hybrid car do I buy?

As we said, Mazda also has in its range a Mazda 2 Hybrid from €21,054 (financing) and €21,554 in cash. The Mazda 2 Hybrid is a full hybrid and, essentially, a Mazda-badged Toyota Yaris. Its offer price, as we can see, is very similar to that of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid itself, which can be purchased for €21,325 financing and €21,550 paying cash.

If what we are looking for is a complete hybrid, another interesting option is the Renault Clio hybrid from €20,629.

In it Second-hand catalog of What car do I buy? We can also find several offers for Mazda 2, for less than €15,000, but with a C label. And semi-new units with an Eco label from €16,900:

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