This could be the Genesis X Luxury Sedan (+ Images)

This could be the Genesis X Luxury Sedan (+ Images)

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Genesis it is already an established vehicle brand capable of competing with BMW, Mercedes and Audi. However, he wants to scale a bit more and rival Bentley and Maybach.

Now, to provide a glimpse of the ultimate Genesis coupe, designer sungnak lee has created a awesome concept A sports sedan model that builds on the company’s current design language and looks great.

Up front it features the company’s familiar LED headlights with the top forming a lightbar and the bottom extending diagonally below the fascia. In addition, it has vertical light bars that go towards the base of the bumper.

read It made the car extremely long, making it easy to maximize interior space and providing a sleek design. The especially attractive conservatory with thin front side windows and slightly thicker rear side windows. The C-pillar looks fluid with its silver finish, and its large wheels add to the appeal.

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Already in the rear area it shows more curvilinear than any other model of the firm and boasts two full-width LED light bars that curve upwards and along the trunk lid. This section is mimicked at the front with two vertical LED lights incorporated in the center of the bumper.

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Inside it’s even more striking with a digital instrument cluster and an infotainment screen that takes up much of the dashboard. It is complemented by a steering wheel that can be retracted.

When the car is parked, the front seats can be folded down and the entire dashboard slides forward for use by passengers in the rear.

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