This electric car still has real exhaust pipes

The restomod they transform classic vehicles or youngtimers into more performing machines, retaining their original character and appearance to a great extent. It is the key to the popularity of companies like Singer or Guntherwerks. In recent years, it has become fashionable electric restomods, which add to the equation the conversion of the vehicle to electric propulsion. This is the case of Everrati, a British company that presents its latest work: a Porsche 964 Cabriolet so discreet that it even retains its exhaust pipes.

And maybe you wonder why. It is not to go unnoticed, but because this restomod can easily return to its original state. Everrati conversions are designed with the goal of to be able to recover the thermal character of the vehicle. This has a lot of sense in vehicles where a large part of its soul is its propellant – something that happens with the six-cylinder boxer of a 911 Carrera. In this way, the future value of the vehicle in the classic car market can also be preserved, if its owner considers selling it.

Everrati has already electrified a Mercedes SL “Pagoda”, a Ford GT40 and a Land Rover Series IIA, among others.

On a mechanical level, this restomod uses a 446 hp electric motor, which we can optionally order with an even higher power: 507 hp and 500 Nm of torque. This engine transmits its power to the rear axle of the car – it could not be otherwise – since Everrati wants the vehicle’s driving experience to be as similar as possible to that of a combustion 911. For this reason, they have positioned the battery so that the weight distribution is similar to that of a 911 – that is, unbalanced and with more weight on the rear axle than the front.

The battery, by the way, is lithium ion and It has 62 kWh of capacity. Enough for a real autonomy in the environment of 300 km. In the most powerful version, this electric youngtimer sprints from 0 to 96 km/h in less than four seconds. Optionally, for those who want to further personalize the driving experience, the British brand allows you to equip an adjustable TracTive suspension. Everrati’s 911 Cabriolet was developed in the UK and is produced with the help of the Aria Group in California (USA).

Aria Group is a partner of Singer Vehicle Design and they are specialized in low volume vehicles.

On a visual level, the car does not change externally, but inside we can see a new upholstery for the dashboard and steering wheel, as well as nautical-inspired colors. The biggest change is the instrumentation, which replaces the lap counter with a potentiometer, as well as including new clocks for battery status. The price of this conversion ranges between 260,000 and 325,000 dollars, before taxes, and not including the cost of the donor vehicle. Knowing it’s reversible, would you do this to your classic Porsche 911?

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