This Honda Civic is a year old and has done more miles than many cars in decades

These kinds of stories fascinate me. We know that Honda Civics have a golden reputation for reliability and durability, and discoveries like this are living proof that that reputation is still deserved today. The news is that in Week Motors used car dealerin Dallas (Texas, USA) is for sale an eleventh generation Honda Civic registered in June 2021. This Honda Civic mounts a 1.5 VTEC Turbo engine and automatic transmission. And its mileage is higher than most cars have done in decades…hopefully.

This Honda Civic, which on the surface could have 10,000 or 15,000 miles on its odometer, has covered in just one year… 248,740 miles. That is, 400,308 kilometers. There is no typo. We are talking about a daily average of practically 1,000 km, including weekends and holidays. Only a few long-distance truckers manage to cover similar mileage in such a short time. The question is, What is the reason for those 400,000 km in just over a year? The answer lies in the profession of the owner of that Honda Civic.

Everything works on the car and nothing has broken in 400,000 km so far.

And it is that according to blog Tire Meets Road been able to investigate, by contacting the dealer where the Civic was kept, the first owner was medicine and health supplies courier. Every day he traveled the Houston-Dallas route-about 400 km-and visited different medical establishments on his delivery route. The “mileage” is still scandalous, but according to the American blog, even though it is very rare, similar cases are known in the sector.

Best of all, is that the car has always been maintained at an official Honda dealer. That dealer is Rusty Wallis Honda, and by pulling Carfax reports on the vehicle, we can verify that all its maintenance has been carried out religiouslyat intervals recommended by the manufacturer. Every oil change – two a month – has been done every 10,000 miles, the spark plugs have been changed at 100,000 and 200,000 miles, the coolant has been replaced at 50,000 miles and the brake fluid has been changed twice.

On highways and open roads, wear and tear on the car is minimal.

There has been no fault recorded in the Carfax report, with only one radiator grille and one bumper having to be replaced due to the driver being unable to avoid tire debris on the road. Outside the dealer only the broken tires and wheel nuts have been changed. The amazing thing is that all this has happened in the space of just one year. Although it is logical that the car has wear, its aesthetic appearance is absolutely impeccable. Not even the steering wheel seems to have its leather worn or cracked.

The dealership that sells it confirms its very high mileage and several readers of Tire Meets Road have been able to test it, certifying that it feels like a new car. It is clear that the bulk of this vehicle’s mileage has been on the highway at a constant speed – the optimum setting for minimizing wear – and it is clear that with good maintenance, this Honda Civic has many hundreds of thousands of miles of useful life on its tires. bowels. The price of the car in question is $17,899.

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