This inadvertent utility wants to be, for less than 100 euros a month, the bargain of bargains

We are sometimes so obsessed with SUVs, whether large, medium or small, that we completely ignore other segments that are as valid as they are competent. And one of them is that of the utility vehicles, diminished due to other categories that trample on an increasingly valid sector, not only for the urban environment, but also to face trips in other fields. This is evidenced by models such as the inadvertent Hyundai i10, a car that can be a great purchase and that wants to be with a tempting offer: 90 euros per month.

That’s right, the Korean utility vehicle will be a stone’s throw away for a really ridiculous figure, but does this opportunity have a trick? And it is that the fact that the i10 wants to be the bargain of the bargains happens to be subject to brand financingso we are going to find out if it really is such a good opportunity despite the fact that we only have to pay 90 euros per month.

For 90 euros per month, the Hyundai i10 you want to be the best bargain of the month

But before talking about numbers, we are going to discover which Hyundai i10 we take home for less than 100 euros per month. And it is that this offer an i10 with Essence finish and 1.0 MPI engine is assignedthat is, the two access options, but perhaps more than enough to give the Hyundai utility a purely urban use.

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This level of equipment offers standard elements such as 14-inch wheels, rear fog light, black exterior mirrors, light sensor, LED brake light, front disc brakes, 3.5-inch screen, USB chargers and central locking between others.

As far as mechanics are concerned, the Hyundai i10 boasts a modest 1.0-liter naturally aspirated three-cylinder engine that develops 66 hp and 96 Nm of torque. These are figures that are orchestrated by means of a five-ratio manual gearbox, and that allow a 0 to 100 in 15.6 seconds and a top speed of 156 km/h. Its high point? A combined consumption of 4.9 liters per 100.

Now, what does Hyundai require to be able to take an i1o for less than 100 euros per month? The first thing is to face an entry of 3,677 euros, which will give us access to 47 installments of 90 euros and a last one of 6,364.89 euros. To this we must add a formalization commission of 3.75%, that is, 304.61 euros, a TIN of 8.50% and an APR of 10.21%.

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All this amalgam of numbers derives in a total interest of 2,471.89 euros that cause the total price in installments to rise to 14,576.50 euros. A figure that may seem high to us for a utility with its finish and features, but quite acceptable given the current context and if we compare it with the 14,950 euros that a Hyundai i10 of the same configuration would cost us but paid in cash.

The Hyundai i10 in What car do I buy?

However, Is there really another utility in the modern and current market for a similar or lower price? It is a question that has its answer in What car do I buy?Diariomotor’s buyer where we will find the largest offer of new cars and secondhand of the moment.

In this way we discover the cheapest car on the market, the Mitsubishi Space Star, that can be ours for 10,900 euros. Another alternative to the i10 could be its first cousin the Kia Picanto, model available for 13,650 euros. And finally we come across the Fiat 500, a car perhaps somewhat more obsolete but that includes hybridization for only 13,625 euros.

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