This is Elon Musk’s multimillion-dollar salary at Tesla, for which a trial has begun

open a judgment against billionaire businessman Elon Muskfor payment of Tesla of 56,000 million dollars.

New trial against Elon Musk

The lawyer of Richard Tornettathe shareholder of Tesla who sued the businessman Elon Musk, notified that the tycoon himself will testify on Wednesday. Tornetta He filed the lawsuit when he considered that the remuneration, the highest ever granted to an executive, is too high and that thanks to the power of the businessman over his main shareholders, he obtained it.

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Tornetta requested the delaware courtafter the demand for Twitterwhich cancels the payment of compensation. Musk and Tesla strongly denied the accusations of Tornetta and justified the remuneration.


The payment is linked to the achievement of 12 goals by the company and would be made in shares of the firm. an agreement between Musk and Teslaindicates that the tycoon can acquire 1% of the manufacturer’s shares at a breakout price each time the goals are achieved.

After the acquisition of Twitterthe brand’s shares have fallen, which has generated criticism from investors.

Muskin an attempt to reassure shareholders, sent a message in Twitter where he indicates that his time is spent managing the social network. “I’ve been at Twitter headquarters in San Francisco all night. I’ll be working and sleeping here until the organization is fixed.”

After being attacked based on the stock losses, the businessman said: “I also have Tesla covered. I’ll be there part of the week.”

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