This is how Honda makes the new Civic Type R 2023 in Japan (+ Video)

Honda posted an 11-minute video showing how the new Honda Civic Type R at the vehicle plant Yorii in Saitama.

The video shows each step of the production process, such as the molding of various body panels, the application of paint, the assembly of components, including the engine.

Of course, the construction of the Type R is done with the collaboration of technology, although human labor also plays a fundamental role.

In the clip several examples of the Civic Type R are seen on the production line. Their panels are unique design that make it stand out from the beginning of the assembly.

Some of them, the wide fenders, the sports bumpers with air intakes and the characteristic spoiler.

Another distinctive aspect is the special color palette: Championship White, Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Crystal Black Pearl and Sonic Gray Pear, All these appear in different parts of the audiovisual.

You can also see the exhaust system with triple pipes, Using two workers needed to put it on. While inside there is a Red carpet, the bucket seats and the bolted metal gear lever.

The record culminates with the Type R rolling off the production line and undergoing a series of tests on the engine, suspension and more. The units are then loaded onto the truck and shipped to the dealer.

Every corner of the plant is spotless, and employees wear full body suits and gloves. The Yorii Automobile Plant in Saitama It has a production capacity of 250,000 cars. Honda will release 400 units of this vehicle per month, so customers would have to wait up to six months.

The sixth-generation Honda Civic Type R debuted last July after several previews. The model integrates a 2.90 liter turbocharged mill capable of producing 315HP Y 310 ib-ft of torque.

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Power is sent to the front axle through a six-speed manual transmission aided by a slip differential.

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