This is how they burned the motorcycle of a criminal in Bogotá and gave him a tremendous beating (+ Video)

They burned a criminal’s motorcycle in Bogotá

A video captures how passers-by beat up a alleged offender in Bogotá, and not only that, but the motorcycle he was riding on was also burned. The event would have taken place in the commercial sector of San Andresito de San José, in the center of the capital of Colombia.

They burned a criminal’s motorcycle in Bogotá

The sequences captured in the registry thanks to some passers-by, show the scenes where the community applies ‘palotherapy’ to the alleged criminal. It is worth mentioning that despite the fact that uniformed police officers were present at the site, the authorities were unable to control the angry mob, who ended up mercilessly beating the alleged thief with their fists, kicks and blunt objects.

However, not content with the violent aggression they committed, some of the men who participated in the beating decided to now take the woman hostage. motorcycle in which the thief was moving.

Thus, between merchants and customers, they vandalized the blue motorcycle, which was already on the ground. At another point in the record, a citizen can be seen bending over and before all odds decides to set the vehicle on fire, with what is presumed to be gasoline.

For now, the authorities have not issued a statement confirming whether the man, who was allegedly a criminal, has already been brought into the hands of justice.


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