This is one of the cheapest ECO labeled cars on the market

The ECO label has taken the lead in the Spanish market. These days we were already telling you how hybrids are dominating the market, favoring brands like Toyota to become leaders, but also encouraged by a growing offer of hybrid and micro-hybrid cars. Alternatives with an ECO label that already cover all segments, small and large, the most expensive cars, but also the cheapest.

Fiat has been one of the brands that has best understood this circumstance and that has adapted the range of its smallest so that the ECO label is a standard, hand in hand with microhybridization.

And this is how we find the Fiat Panda which is, on the one hand, one of the most accessible cars with an ECO label and also one of the cheapest cars on the market.

ECO label for just over €13,000

With a offer price of €13,291 for the Fiat Pandahere you are one of the cheapest ECO labels on the market. For a little more, with a offer price of €13,625 for the FIAT 500its more elegant and older brother is also another of the most interesting proposals for those looking for an urban, economical car with an ECO label.

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The FIAT Panda of the offer, as we told you, is equipped with the City Line line and has an ECO label, as well as a sound system with a 5″ screen, USB and Bluetooth, as well as 15″ steel wheels with trims. The micro-hybrid mechanics it uses are gasoline and deliver 70 horsepower. Its equipment, in any case, is very modest. Today we would recommend adding the Safety 2.0 Pack (€550) that includes the collision mitigation system and side airbags, and rear head restraints (€100). Also the MOPAR connected services package (€330).

Our advice, in any case, is to point to the offer of stock vehicles that FIAT has for its Panda range. Among its stock offers we can find numerous units, better equipped, for less than €14,000, and with the Sport line that, both in terms of equipment and design, is much more attractive than the City Line access line. As they are stock vehicles, delivery times are practically immediate.

For less than €14,000 you can find better-equipped stock units and for less than €13,000 alternatives with a second-hand ECO label, especially with bifuel engines.

Looking for the cheapest ECO label on the market

The FIAT Panda is, without a doubt, one of the cars that has experienced the greatest (relative) price increase in recent years., in its access range. Until a few months ago, a FIAT Panda could be purchased at a dealer for less than €10,000 and in 2019 we saw it with starting prices of around €6,000, and even lower. However, today, and based on current prices, it is in a fairly correct position in the market, especially if we take into account that it has an ECO label.

If what we are looking for is an economical car with an ECO labelfor a similar price we can access a Dacia Sandero ECO-G on sale for €13,390 which is a larger car, with a 100 hp engine, but equipped with bifuel mechanics (which works with gas or gasoline indistinctly).

If we target the second-hand market, we find that below €13,000 there are some second-hand car alternatives with an ECO labelbeing mostly models that, like the Opel Corsa, or the Renault Clio, also get the ECO label thanks to a bifuel mechanic and not a microhybrid system like the FIAT Panda.

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