This is the CUPRA with GTI spirit and Tesla autonomy

The market is witnessing the arrival of electric cars with increasingly better performance, but also more autonomy. The CUPRA range was not going to be the exception and specifically its electric vehicle, the CUPRA Born, receives the complement of a pack that improves its performance and a version with a higher capacity battery and more autonomy.

The CUPRA Born range grows with the 231 CV e-Boost pack and a 77 kWh battery with which the autonomy grows to 549 kilometersfigures that already place CUPRA not only in the performance that until recently we considered appropriate for a sports compact, for a GTI, but also with greater capacity to tackle trips and long distances without stopping to recharge batteries.

The CUPRA with GTI spirit

CUPRA has had an e-Boost pack which is not an increase in power to use, but the punctual capacity that the maximum power delivered by its electric motors rise from the original 204 hp to 231 hp. More information on the CUPRA e-Boost pack.

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The increase in power to 231 hp, as we said, occurs on time, if the battery charge level and temperature are adequate. Under normal conditions, this increase in power should occur in most situations, when pressing hard or hard on the accelerator and is maintained for a limited time, up to about 30 seconds.

With this pack, which costs only €290 – and we recommend that it be accompanied by other accessories, such as 18″ wheels, front brakes with larger discs (340×27 mm) and a sports steering wheel with satellite buttons for CUPRA modes Drive Profile and CUPRA mode, the CUPRA Born with a 58 kWh battery manages to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.6 seconds and the 77 kWh one in 7.0 seconds. We hardly considered a sports compact.

More autonomy, up to 549 kilometers at a stretch

The CUPRA Born is available with a 58 kWh battery and 204 hp from €40,100 (€33,100 applying PLAN MOVES with scrapping) and for €290 more we have the e-Boost pack that raises its power to 231 CV in specific situations. From now on it is also available with a 77 kWh battery, which already has the e-Boost pack as standard and therefore 231 hp. This 77 kWh battery version has an additional cost of €4,770, which is undoubtedly affordable if we need to make road trips with our electric car.

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The great advantage of this 77 kWh version lies in its autonomy. If the 58 kWh CUPRA Born enjoys a range of 425 kilometers according to WLTP (420 kilometers with the e-Boost pack), in the 77 kWh version we will already enjoy a range of up to 549 kilometres.

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