This is the most patriotic and radical version of the Dodge Viper

The United States is a country that is especially proud of some of the vehicles they have shaped over time: the Dodge Viper is one of them. The right eye of the American automotive industry is pure American power, but the version that we have discovered on social networks is the maximum expression of its patriotism. With all of you, the Dodge Viper US Army.

In the early nineties, Didge presented a model that, more than a supercar, was a statement of intent. The motor industry in the United States wanted to show the world what he was capable of and to do so, he conceived a vehicle that could represent an entire country. We assume that to the authors of this transformation it did not seem American enough and that’s why they wanted to make it the supercar of the US Army.

A rear axle…double

The Dodge Viper underneath that military look has 15,000 miles on it and is from 1996, the year they updated the model that had been released four years earlier. The only thing that, luckily, they have not touched is its engine: a V10 which delivered 400 horsepower and had a torque of 630 Nm. The American supercar did not have any type of electronic assistance: that is why it was only suitable for hands with a certain amount of ease.

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The change of image that concerns us begins with the arrival of a body kit that aims to widen the rear to accommodate the double axle: Yes, this Dodge Viper has two sets of wheels in the rear. The bodywork, for its part, has been tinted matte black.

The icing on the cake: the side exhausts

The exterior design of the Dodge Viper does not lack any detail: square vents, circular mirrors for a more industrial look and endless stickers which makes clear his objective of wanting to be part of the US Army fleet. In profile, the 22-23-inch wheels with their own military-style stickers do not go unnoticed.

At the rear there are several focal points: from a new exhaust to a false light located in the wing on the driver’s side, not forgetting the additional orange position lights. As if all this were not exaggerated enough, the icing on the cake is put the two side tubes that emulate the exhausts of North American trucks.

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All this audacity has its continuity inside, where the most discreet thing is the new sports steering wheel that they have installed in the Dodge Viper… matching the skull-shaped gear lever.

Images: J’S Auto HK

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