This is the new Android Auto (+ Images)

Users used the Android Auto beta version. This has become one of the most anticipated changes in the history of Google.

It’s official, the first beta users of Android Auto you can now use the new interfacewhich changes the position of the elements and makes it more modern. Google is conquering carsboth with projects in which it is associated with manufacturers and with devices with Android Auto.

The most obvious change in the new Android Auto is that the elements are larger and easier to use on a touch screen, like the one that practically all new cars already have from the factory. In addition, those elements have moved to make them more accessible.

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For example, a big change is that now the Google Maps view will be closer to the driver, which should improve visibility; In this way we will no longer have to look away to see what the next indication is or to know where we are. It is evident that the map has gained a lot of prominence, to the point that the rest of the elements always change places to keep it as close to our field of vision as possible. We will even have the option to make the map occupy the entire screen, allowing us to choose between several different views.

This causes some elements are capable of resizing, to give priority to the map or simply to not take up so much space if they don’t need it. We have an example of this in the media player, which now does not need to occupy half the screen and can dynamically leave more space for other apps.

Speaking of apps, now Android Auto will always have a bar (bottom or side depending on the screen) that will house open and recent apps, allowing us to switch from one to another easily; and if we give a touch, we can maximize them. In this bar we will also find data such as the time, and notification indicators, in addition to the personal assistant button and access to the apps menu.

Many people use Android Auto to listen to music, and for this reason, Google Assistant will now show us multimedia recommendations just by sliding on the screen. Finallythe entire system has been upgraded to Material Youjust like smartphones, to modernize the visual style.

The new Android Auto is now in public beta; unfortunately, no more people can sign up, so we will have to wait for the public launch to test it in our car.

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