This is the tragic future that is imagined for combustion supercars in the days of the electric car

Imagine for a moment that it is the year 2050 and that every car you can buy is electric, hybrid or runs on solar or hydrogen energy. Suddenly you inherit an old and abandoned farm, open the barn doors and surprise: there’s been a LaFerrari collecting dust for more than twenty years. An idyllic but painful context, right? Well, this is how the future of current supercars is imagined thedizzyviperan artist who has recreated this scenario with great realism.

After all, this happens today, those lucky heirs or buyers discover that the construction itself hides an automotive treasure. And with the political landscape getting darker every day, it is not unreasonable – as much as it hurts us – to imagine a future in which models like the Bugatti Chiron, Pagani Huayra or Lamborghini Aventador they are relegated to the worst of hells by not being able to circulate legally.

The harsh -and realistic- future that is imagined for current combustion supercars

Although at the moment these cars have not been banned, it may be that in 10 or 15 years they will not even be able to leave the garage. That is why our protagonist, a 25-year-old Italian designer, has decided to recreate this hypothetical situation in great detail; so many that it even hurts. And it is that Thedizzyviper has taken a context as bleak as the state presented by the leading cars, thus achieving a more overwhelming realism.

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We quickly identify a Bugatti Chiron covered in dust in a kind of shed where it is accompanied by boxes, furniture and even a lamp that rests on its bumper. Same -bad- luck would have run a Ferrari LaFerrari shown in similar conditions, as well as a McLaren Senna with which he has had the detail of covering it halfway with a blanket.

Other great supercars of our times are imagined by Thedizzyviper in this situation, such as a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, McLaren P1 or Lamborghini Sián among others. Nor does it forget great classics that have already unfortunately suffered from this situationsuch as a Lancia Delta Integrale, a Countach or a Ferrari 250 GTO.

Now, will we really see these vehicles in such unfortunate states? We hope not, since, just as consideration is being given to classic cars by facilitating the conversion to historic cars that are 30 or more years old, it is expected that the same will be done with those that are 30, 40 or 50 years from now. years are considered classics.

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However, the European Union remains obsessed with the year 2030 as the deadline for combustion cars, which will have to disappear. Although to this must be added the arduous development of synthetic fuels and the feasibility of this to be compatible with current gasoline engines.

Be that as it may, and unfortunately, there are already modern cars of this nature submerged in ruthless abandon. But not because they cannot circulate due to emissions, but because their owners left them forgotten in a parking lot or garage, the main reason being debts or embargoes, a situation that is often seen in places like Dubai or London.

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