This Jeep CJ retains all the classic flavor but hides a dark secret

The Jeep featured in this article is a CJ-5, whose production took place between the years 1954 and 1983. Being a civilian version, it is most likely that it was produced under the AMC era of Jeep and comes from the seventies, where the bulk of civilian production was accumulated. But in truth, it matters little where this predecessor of the Jeep Wrangler came from. Because Jeep has decided to turn it into a restomod with a lot of classic flavor and a dark secret. One of those that the most observant will have already discovered… and that stings the purists.

The vehicle in question is called Jeep CJ Surge Concept, and it is one of the protagonists of Jeep for the SEMA Show. Although it had its peak of popularity a couple of decades ago, the SEMA Show is one of the world’s benchmark events for the world of tuning, especially in the US. The secret of this Jeep CJ-5 is that under its engine, there is a 100% electric drive. An engine that aesthetically, by the way, is full of chrome and has great mechanical beauty. This engine, called the Surge 400, develops 272 horsepower.

It is painted in Copper Canyon color with blue details and specific emblems that reference its electric character.

It connects to the Jeep’s frame via custom engine mounts, and also attaches to the existing power transmission system. The main gearbox is replaced by a unique development of change, and control is carried out by a roulette located between the seats. Fortunately, The original transfer case of the car has been preserved, as well as its transmission shafts and its reduction gear.. Therefore, his 4×4 skills have not only not diminished, but have possibly improved several integers.

And the reason is the immediate delivery of power and the huge instantaneous torque of the electric motor. The motor drinks energy from a 50 kWh capacity battery, whose modules are distributed throughout the vehicle chassis, occupying the place where the rear seats of the vehicle should go. Mopar has not communicated figures, benefits or autonomy, but they admit that it has been a great learning for the future electrification of classics. Everything indicates that his intention is sell as kits this combination of electric motor and battery.

The axles are a pair of Dana 44, and the suspension has been raised by no less than 5 centimeters.

Of course, the mechanics are only part of this preparation. In addition to improving its dimensions with the elevation of the suspension, it mounts 35-inch BF Goodrich off-road tires on 18-inch wheels, plus a custom roll cage and more underbody protection. The windshield has been trimmed and bumpers from the Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon have been installed. From this Jeep we also find the center console inside. The seats are custom made and the dashboard has been simplified to the maximum for a very clean look.

In short, a creation that demonstrates the potential of electric cars in restomod, with exciting results that will be to the liking of many fans.

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