This SUV is a true unknown, but with a 7-year warranty and a price of 18,495 euros, it wants to be the bargain of 2023

This SUV is a true unknown, but with a 7-year warranty and a price of 18,495 euros, it wants to be the bargain of 2023

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Precisely that an SUV is unknown is complicated, especially when we take into account that it is the fashion segment. But this happens, for now, when we talk about brands from China, as is the case with DFSK and its newcomer DFSK 500. But, does the fact that it is unknown mean that it is uninteresting? We’ll find out soon enough, but for now his credentials are 455 liters of trunk, a starting price of 18,495 euros and 7-year warrantyarguments that may be convincing for many.

This is how the DFSK 500 settles in Spain, a car that, with 4.38 meters long and more than 400 liters of trunk, points directly to models such as the SEAT Ateca, Hyundai Tucson or Kia Sportage. Only that it rounds off the formula with a very complete standard equipment and a price that plays in its favor in these times of inflation.

This is the DFSK 500, an SUV of 18,495 euros with the desire to conquer Europe

As regards mechanics, the DFSK 500 is currently offered with a single engine. We are talking about a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 115 CV of power. Its management is carried out by means of a CVT automatic gearbox, and as an option an LPG tank can be used to turn the Chinese SUV into a bi-fuel car, which also gives it the coveted DGT ECO label.

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As for finishes, the Chinese brand allows you to configure the DFSK 500 based on two trim levels: Luxury and Intelligent. Standard in both includes air conditioning, heated mirrors, alloy wheels, digital screen with connection to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and speed control among others. However, DFSK has not yet talked about the larger equipment that includes the top-of-the-range finish.

Regardless of this, in the images you can see a digital dashboard and sunroof, elements that will surely be joined by seats finished in synthetic leather or a rear view camera. Be that as it may, what DFSK has done is share the final prices of the 500 for the Spanish market.

Thus, the DFSK 500 Luxury with a 1.5 engine without LPG It has a price of 18,495 euros. The figure increases to 20,719 euros if we use the same finish but with a LPG engine. In case of opting for the Intelligent equipment level, the price of the Chinese SUV rises to 20,495 euros, a price that settles at 22,719 euros if we combine the top-of-the-range finish with the bi-fuel engine.

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However, How is the Chinese SUV positioned against its most direct rivals? In the case of the SEAT Ateca we find a starting price of 24,540 euros. The Hyundai Tucson forces us to pay a total of 26,525 euros, a figure that rises to 28,450 euros.

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