This unexpected 4×4 is the ace up Jeep’s sleeve to survive the electric car

With the presentation of the new Avenger at the Paris Motor Show, in addition to meeting the Jeep’s first electric car, we also discovered its first model without a 4×4 version. However, Jeep hid an ace up his sleeve, a wild card called Jeep Avenger 4×4 Concept that advances the future of Jeep and its 4×4 in the era of the electric motor. For now it is only a prototype, but This electric 4×4 Avenger is Jeep’s first step to make all its SUVs 100% electric.

Just a few hours after its official presentation, the Jeep Avenger has been shown again in prototype version under the name of Jeep Avenger 4×4 Concept. This model represents an important milestone for the brand, because although its production version has not been confirmed, everything indicates that it will hit the streets sooner rather than later.

The electric Jeep Avenger with 4×4 drive could be a very capable car in off-road driving

In essence, this is a movement by Jeep to maintain its philosophy even in its smallest and most affordable model. Despite the endowment of sufficient off-road levels, a ground clearance of 200 mm, underbody protections, descent control and traction control capable of improving grip on slippery surfaces, the idea of ​​marketing a Jeep without the possibility of counting with 4×4 drive it was hard to stomach. Thus, Jeep has moved ahead of time to advance which will be the first electric Jeep 4×4.

This prototype shows a configuration very close to its possible serial production variant, being based on the 100% electric version of the Avenger. Even so, with respect to the Avenger 4×2, what we find is the addition of a second electric motor on the rear axle, managing to have four-wheel drive. At the same time, the ground clearance has been increased to over 200 mm and off-road dimensions have been improved to now have an entry angle of 34º, a ventral angle of 20º and an exit angle of 21º.

The Jeep Avenger 4xe is the first 4×4 developed on the CMP platform, now called STLA Small by Stellantis

Also off-road tires and improved electronics have been installed to support the new traction capabilities. For its part, the aesthetics of the Avenger 4×4 Concept looks more aggressive, highlighting the use of specific bumpers, towing hooks in blue and more protections for the bodywork. Taking into account Jeep’s commercial strategy for its more capable versions in 4×4, this prototype could reach the market converted into the Jeep Avenger 4xe Trailhawk.

Here we leave you images of the Jeep Avenger that will go on sale in 2023:

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