This will be the radical Opel Rocks E-Xtreme that, finally, Opel will manufacture

How many times have we built, thanks to our imagination, the most unlikely cars? Hundreds, probably the same as Lukas Wenzhöfer. This German student created an extreme version of the Opel Rocks-e… and the brand will end up manufacturing it. This is the Opel Rocks E-Xtreme, the most radical version of the electric quadricycle.

Some time ago, Opel launched a contest on their social networks. The challenge put his followers to the test and challenged them to imagine and design the definitive variant of his small electric light quadricycle. The winner was Lukas Wenzhöfer, a student at the School of Design at the University of Pforzheim (Germany).

From prototype to real model

The Opel Rocks E-Xtreme was born as a prototype some time ago and, at that time, that’s how we present it to you. The design was the one that impressed Opel the most, which will build a single unit of this version of the Opel Rocks-e: there are no more details about it because the brand has not yet revealed when it will be ready.

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Its creator explains that the Opel Rocks E-Xtreme has taken the approach of the original model, designed exclusively for urban environments, to the extreme: “Its off-road capacity promotes the feeling of freedom to reach any destination. Y increased sportiness promises more driving fun to show that electric mobility is more than a common sense solution.”

a radical version

The modifications made to the original Opel Rocks-e are, to say the least, striking and extreme. The E-Xtreme version has a wider track, which provides you with more stability and provides you with a more stable behavior.

It also has a double wishbone suspension on the front axle and although the rims do not change their design, the tires they are equipped with are different: they are off-road. Ground clearance is also higher in the Opel Rocks E-Xtreme.

Finally, on the outside of its bodywork has been mounted a roll cage (of the same striking color) to protect the occupants in the event of a hypothetical rollover and to house the LED headlights that appear on top of said structure. The icing on the cake is provided by the huge (and tall) dual-plane rear wing that we found in the back of the Opel Rocks E-Xtreme. It will certainly be a sight to see when Opel shapes it.

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