This will be the Volvo EX30, an urban crossover with an electric soul and Chinese origin

Just a few days ago, Volvo presented its new flagship. It is called Volvo EX90 and it is a gigantic 100% electric SUV, with more than 100 kWh of energy in its CATL batteries and an interior that is more technological than ever, in addition to being prepared for autonomous driving at the hardware level. In his very presentation, however, we were able to see a small teaser of what will be his little brother. A 100% electric urban crossover that – most likely – will be called Volvo EX30and it will have a lot to do with the new Smart #1.

For the moment, yes, you have to know that all the information contained in this article must be taken with a pinch of salt – they are all rumors for the moment, even if they are founded. The reason why we say that the Volvo EX30 will have a lot to do with the Smart #1 is because it will be built on Geely’s SEA platform. Geely is the parent of Volvo, and is also the owner of half of Smart, along with Mercedes. It is a clear productive synergy, a move that makes a lot of sense both economically and practically.

The Volvo EX30 is positioned below the Volvo C40, both in positioning and in size.

And of course, it gives us clear clues about the battery sizes and powers that this Volvo EX30 could have. If it used the same hardware as the Smart #1, it would be available with a 66 kWh capacity battery, enough for about 430 km of autonomy in its single-engine version. With a single engine, two drive wheels and 268 CV, we already have a vehicle capable of satisfying the needs of practically all of its customers. Nevertheless, it is technically possible to create a Volvo EX30 with two engines electric, total traction and 422 CV.

This high-flying version would correspond to the Brabus version of the Smart #1, and would have features worthy of a true sports car. At the design level, everything points to aesthetic codes similar to those of the EX90, applied to a vehicle whose length would oscillate around 4.25 meters. The EX30 will be the smallest Volvo, and like the #1 Smart, will be produced and manufactured in China for the whole world. Its presentation will take place in 2023, but everything indicates that it will not hit the market until 2024.

The Volvo EX30 should have an access price of less than 40,000 euros.

Volvo has increased its business targets from 800,000 units in 2025 to 1.2 million cars. And to achieve this, one of your main weapons should be this EX30. This electric crossover will compete with cars like the DS3 E-Tense, the CUPRA Raval or the future MINI Aceman. In the future we will know more details of the Volvo EX30, whose trade name has already been registered by the Swedish brand.

Volvo EX90 Photos

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