Tips to buy a car safely this Black Friday

the long awaited black friday it’s already today and already thousands of buyers have been formed for several hours, in long lines and on the outskirts of the different shopping centers or dealerships to obtain the best offers of this day.

“The black friday aligns with the height of the new car buying season, when customers can take advantage of financing offers, rebates and lease agreements,” said Phong Ly, CEO of iSeeCars, in the study. “As a result, there is a high inventory of trade-ins that car dealers want to get off the lot.”

However, many people attend buy a new car without doing a little research first or without even knowing what to do to avoid making a bad purchase. Acquiring a new vehicle without first knowing which brands have the best offers, without knowing that you are signing and that you should not accept is a mistake.

It is very important that before buy a car this black friday you know very well what you are doing and thus make a safe purchase.

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That’s why, Here we tell you some tips to buy a car safely this black friday.

1.- Find out why dealers have these offers

Dealerships and department stores cut prices because their inventory isn’t selling fast enough. This does not mean that the cars are bad, but they are not in great demand.

Sedans, for example, aren’t very popular right now and are selling more slowly than SUVs. As such, car buyers looking for a sedan can score some nice savings on Black Friday.

2.- Always read the fine print of the ad

Car buyers should also be aware of any trick dealers try to pull. That’s why people should read the fine print of any ad that interests them.

3.- Prepare for the crowds

Many people have the day off and are probably aware of the deals that the dealership has been announcing. As such, car buyers in the black friday they must mentally prepare for the crowds in advance.

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4.- Do your homework

You must have done your homework to know what car you want and not waste too much time at the car lot. This also means that car buyers should check the inventory of the dealer they are interested in before purchasing. black friday.

5.- Arrange the financing before going

Just like buying cars on a normal day, it’s a good idea to arrange financing with a bank before going to the dealer. This will allow buyers to speed up the process and save a significant amount of money compared to getting a loan from a dealer.


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