Toyota adds to the RAV4 the hot sauce that its recipe needed

The Toyota RAV4 has nothing to prove today. It is one of the best-selling midsize SUVs, and one of the few whose mechanics are 100% electrified. In fact, it began to be sold with 100% hybrid mechanics, and at the same time, a plug-in hybrid version was launched. The RAV4 is a car that can be faulted, but one of them is, perhaps, that it is not the best car in the segment if we value the dynamics of the car over other attributes. And fortunately, Toyota seems to have added to the RAV4 the hot sauce it needed.

Toyota has just introduced the GR Sport version of the RAV4, which will reach dealers at the end of this year. This version is a top-of-the-range finish for the hybrid SUV, which adds dynamism to the car – both inside and out – and modifies its set-up to make it somewhat sportier. On a technical level, the only difference between a RAV4 GR Sport and other RAV4s lies in stiffer springs and shock absorbers. Without making the car an uncomfortable vehicle, they provide the extra spice that some of us missed.

Not only does the aesthetics change, so does the suspension set-up.

On a visual level, the RAV4 GR Sport is equipped a more aggressive body kit. This is apparent in a more aggressive looking grille – complete with Gazoo Racing logo – and gloss black plastic accents on the mirror caps and lower bumpers. The GR Sport versions have exclusive 19-inch diameter wheels, and in addition to being painted black, they have high-precision machined details. Inside there is also a sportier atmosphere.

The seats are electric and have a contour that holds the body firmly in the curves. Is it so upholstered in a mix of suede and leather, both of synthetic origin. The Gazoo Racing logo is embroidered on the backrests. We find silver stitching on the seats, steering wheel and dashboard, complemented by moldings and details in dark gray tones. The RAV4 GR Sport equip the latest evolution of Toyota’s infotainment systemwith a 10.5-inch touch screen, and also have a 12.3-inch digital instrumentation.

The GR Sport version is equivalent to a FR, R line or AMG Line finish on its rivals.

Toyota RAV4 GR Sport are only available with all-wheel drive, both in full-hybrid version and in plug-in hybrid version. In the case of hybrids, the AWD-i versions develop a combined 222 hp, while the RAV4 Plug-In Hybrid develops up to 306 hp.

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