Toyota finds a solution to prevent theft of catalytic converters in several of its models

Toyota finds a solution to prevent theft of catalytic converters in several of its models

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Toyota seeks to prevent theft of catalytic converters
Image courtesy of Motor1 – Toyota seeks to prevent theft of catalytic converters

Catalytic converter thefts are currently at insane levels. Because of this, with some assistance from the aftermarket, Toyota is taking steps to try to prevent catalytic converter theftstifling would-be thieves with a special shield that blocks access to the converter.

How Toyota prevents theft of catalytic converters

If you go to the online configurator for the 2023 Toyota Priusyou will find something called Cat Sheild Available in the accessories section. Produced by a California-based company called Miller Cat, it’s basically an aluminum shield with vents to allow airflow around the hot exhaust system. It mounts to existing points on the underbody of the car and comes with a “tamper-evident screw kit” to discourage people from simply fastening it with a socket wrench.

The Cat Shield is a $140 option that doesn’t come factory-installed, which means you’ll have to do it yourself or have it fixed by the dealer. Taking into account that yes catalytic converter stolenYou’ll have to pay, for a 2022 Prius more than $1,000, so a price of $140 is pretty cheap insurance.

Toyota seeks to prevent theft of catalytic converters

At the moment there is only the Cat Shield for the new Prius. However, after Motor1 contacted Toyota, they stated that in reality offered on many vehicles. That includes earlier versions of the Prius like the C and V, as well as the Corolla, sequoia, tacomaTundra and 4runner. It certainly makes sense on higher-driving vehicles, which are easier targets given their ground clearance. Additionally, Toyota says it will be offered on additional vehicles in the future, though no pricing beyond the 2023 Prius is mentioned.

Increase in theft of catalytic converters

The precious metals used in the production of catalytic converters have long made them a preferred and convenient target for thieves. However, thefts of expensive broadcast devices have skyrocketed in recent years, with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reporting a 325% increase in 2020. Converters can generally be purchased steal in just one minute.

But the good guys are making some headway in combating this problem. In early November, the Justice Department of USA brought down a huge converter theft ring. In this, 21 people from five states were charged and more than $545 million in assets were seized.


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