Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico: what to expect from the ninth generation of the pickup

Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico
Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico

The eighth generation of the toyota hilux It was released in 2016, and only a year ago it received its mid-cycle update, however, it is known that Toyota It is preparing things to receive its ninth generation. The same that she would leave at some point in 2023 and that she is expected to arrive in Mexico.

Although not so much is known about what the new generation of the hiluxThey are expected to come with many changes, especially in technology, design and engines.

News about the Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico

Above all, the Japanese brand would be thinking of bringing a new hilux as competition to its rivals who have brought their respective models to the market. For this, the new modular platform TNGA developed for the work vehicles of Toyota (where the Tundra) that would allow the hilux adopt the latest updates in technology from the Japanese brand.

Especially when it comes to more complex off-road and traction systems, as seen in models like the new Tundra and Land Cruiser.

Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico
Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico

In addition, thanks to the new design language of Toyotamany artists have been able to make renderings of what the new hilux 2023. Possibly simpler and more formal, with a straighter and more imposing frontal design similar to that of the Tundra or Land Cruiser, as well as smaller optics and a larger grille.

Possible hybrid powertrain and price increase

In the same way, it is expected that the changes will reach not only the interior with a lot of technology, but also focus on its powertrain. It is expected to maintain diesel and gasoline variants, such as the beloved 2.8-liter turbodiesel engine, but also incorporate hybrid technologyand although it is not confirmed, it could adopt an electric variant.

A hybrid engine is expected in the new Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico
A hybrid engine is expected in the new Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico

Of course, something quite important considering the current automotive world and the environmental policies that surround it. It is believed that the most powerful variant could reach 300 Hp, and that in general the pickup would have very good performance.

It is worth mentioning that the prices are unknown for now, but they are likely to increase slightly, at least in USA Y Europewhere Toyota to raise prices to offset higher costs from microchip shortages. The current prices of the Hilux in Mexico range from $438,500 pesos for the entry version to $744,200 pesosfor the top of the range.

Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico
Toyota Hilux 2023 in Mexico

At the moment, there are no further details of the pick up van that it should make its debut in 2023, but this would change closer to the date and the model can probably be caught in camouflage, but only time will tell. For now, stay tuned for updates.


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