Toyota plans to achieve carbon neutrality in Europe by 2040

The transition to battery electric vehicles goes beyond just making cars. For many firms it is a strategy to reduce carbon emissions. Toyota wants to reach the neutrality by 2040 in the Old Continent and he thinks he knows how to achieve it.

According to the firm, it is on track to achieve 100% C02 reduction in new vehicles in Europe and the UK by 2035. Over the next 10-15 years, Toyota will use the combination of plug-in hybrid and battery electric in order to lower the emissions.

Toyota is aware of the challenges that this means and aspects of the business are beyond its control, such as logistics, the supply of spare parts and more. Therefore, you will work closely with your workers and partners in this effort.

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The plan is to do Make all of its European manufacturing facilities carbon neutral by the end of the decade. The Japanese brand is already recycling 90% of the waste at its Deeside facility in the UK to generate green energy. This enclosure could be neutral in 2025.

Toyota also gave a glimpse of its future with the debut of the concept C-HR Prologue. The production version might not be quite as fancy, but the styling aggressive should stay for the plug-in hybrid.

The manufacturer also keeps investing in hydrogen. Today it was revealed Corolla Cross H2 Concept, which uses this propulsion instead of traditional fuels. There is also a Hilux pickup in development.

The company’s effort to achieve carbon neutrality will take multiple forms over the next few decades.

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